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Nacido en el centro mismo de Kingstom, Jamaica, en 1981, David Constantine Brooks, mas conocido como Mavado (en referencia a un personaje de la saga de videojuegos Mortal Kombat) creció en un entorno difícil en uno de los peores Ghettos de la capital jamaicana, sin embargo su fe, inculcada gracias a su abuela, y sus ganas de emular al que ha sido su ídolo, y posterior mentor en el mundillo Bounty Killer, le sirvieron para abrirse un camino entre la violencia y la miseria, mediante la música. ''David Constantine Brooks''' (born November 30, 1981), better known by his stage name '''Mavado''', is a Jamaican musician, actor, DJ and music producer. Brooks was raised in an area known as "Cuban", a micro ghetto within the heart of Kingston, Jamaica's Cassava Piece community. His grandmother gave him his first musical experience at a young age, bringing him to church to sing. He also cites the music of Bounty Killer as an early influence. The boyhood idol became his mentor when at the age of 15

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Mavado, Weh Dem a Do, Last Night, So Special, Money Changer, On The Rock, Top Shotta Nah Miss, Touch The Road, Angriest Introduction, Never Believe You, Amazing Grace, They Fear Me, Squeeze Breast, Me And My Dogs, So Blessed, Dreaming, Don't Cry, Gully Side, Life Of A G, Give It All To Me, Overcome, Dying, A Father's Prayer, Settle Down, Progress, My League, House Cleaning, Come Into My Room, Chiney K, Real Mckoy, Gun Battle, Heart Beat, Caribbean Girls, GYAL A MAD OVA, Peppa, David's Interlude, Hope and Pray, Dying Feat. Serani, In Di Car Back, Unchanging Love, Sadness, Joey D. Ratt, Definition Of A Gangster, I'm So Special, A Snitch's Eulogy, Brown Bottle, Star Bwoy, Weh Dem Ah Say, Don't Worry, Settle Down (Destiny), Aktion Pak, nuh bleach wid cream, Delilah (Diplo Remix), Dem Alone, Born & Raised, Money, Cassava Piece Radio, Gangster Don't Play, Jailhouse, Every Situation, Weed & Hennessy, Neva Believe You, Nine Lives, David's Psalm, Real Killer (No Chorus), Real McKoy With A Full Clip Feat. Busy Signal, Which Gal, Stulla, She Beat Him, A So You Move, War Is In The Air, Welcome To The Armegedeon, Let Me Go, Give It All To Me (feat. Nicki Minaj), Nine Life, Final Destination, Inna Di Car Back, Luv Me Girl, Clean Everyday, Starlight, When You Feel Lonely, i know u want me [remix], Weh dem a do [blend], Pushing Hood, How High, Sweetest Time, HOUSE TOP, Messiah, gangsta for life, Pon Di Thing, Final Destination (Raw), Tie Yuh, Gal A Mad Ova, Last Night (Radio Edit), The Real Mckoy, Take It (feat. Karian Sang) - Raw, No Chatta Ting, Box of Money, I'm on the Rock