Matt Nathanson

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Nació el 28 de marzo de 1973en Lexington, Massachusetts. Su música mezcla las raices del folk y rock, potenciando el uso de guitarra eléctrica y acústica, con acompañamientos casuales de banda completa. Este canta-autor ha escrito canciones para series de televisión como "Private Practice" y "one tree hill". Discografía: Disco de estudio: 1993: Please 1997: ERNST 1998: Not Colored Too Perfect 1999: Still Waiting for Spring 2003: Beneath These Fireworks Matt Nathanson (born March 28, 1973 in Lexington, Massachusetts) is a singer-songwriter whose work is a blend of folk and rock music. In addition to singing, he plays acoustic and electric guitar (usually a twelve-string), and has played both solo and with a full band. The Faster Songfacts says that his seventh studio album, Modern Love debuted on #17 on the Billboard 200 for the week of July 9, 2011, making it Nathanson's most successful album to date.

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Matt Nathanson, Come On Get Higher, Laid, Angel, I Saw, Suspended, Bent, All We Are, Curve of the Earth, Car Crash, Little Victories, Sad Songs, Faster, Pretty The World, Still, Gone, Bulletproof Weeks, Wedding Dress, Weight of It All, Heartbreak World, Sing Me Sweet, Bare, Lucky Boy, Falling Apart, Princess, To The Beat Of Our Noisy Hearts, Fall To Pieces, Then I'll Be Smiling, Sooner Surrender, Answering Machine, Detroit Waves, Modern Love, Romeo And Juliet, Church Clothes, More Than This, All Been Said Before, Lost Myself In Search Of You, Kiss Quick, Love Comes Tumbling Down, Wings, Mercy, Loud, Amazing Again, Run - feat. Sugarland, Miracles, Kept, Hold Me, Room @ the End of the World, Bottom of the Sea, Drop to Hold You, I Hope That Something Better Comes Along, Wide Eyed and Full, New Coats and New Hats, Mission Bells, Queen of (K)nots, First Time, Parade, Somewhere To Hide, We'll Recover, Kinks Shirt, Continue Dreaming, Illusions, Never Forget My Memories, Run (feat. Sugarland), You're Smiling, Earthquake Weather, Everything You Say It Sounds Like Gospel, Broken, Headphones, Measure for Measure, Sky High Honey, Last Days Of Summer In San Francisco, Maid, Decade Of Hits (Dialogue), Solace and Pain, Clean, Wait Up, Vandalized, Heart Starts, Naked, Kill The Lights, Gold In The Summertime, Annie's Always Waiting (For The Next One To Leave), King of the Mountain, Harbor, Lie, Birthday Girl, Sunday New York Times, Pity, Farewell, December, Trace of a Cat's Eye, Philadelphia Song (Dialogue), Giants, Don't Worship Me, Adrenaline, St. Louis Pants (Dialogue), Room at the End of the World, A Line From 'Lie' (Dialogue), Run (feat. Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush)