Matchbox Twenty

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El productor Matt Serletic, recién habiendo terminado de ayudar en convertir a "Shine" de Collective Soul en una pieza imprescindible para MTV, conoció un tipo llamado Rob Thomas, un escritor habilidoso de Orlando que estaba buscando un lugar. Serletic y Thomas probaron músicos en busca de un par de personas que podían apoyar la obvia habilidad de Thomas de escribir buena música de pop. Thomas, nacido en Alemania como hijo de militares, ya había tocado con el baterista Paul Doucette y el bajista Brain Yale en varias bandas locales. Matchbox Twenty, originally Matchbox 20 and typeset as matchbox twenty on most official merchandise, is a rock band formed in Orlando, Florida, who have sold in excess of 39 million albums worldwide. The band have been well received in many countries. The current members of the band are Rob Thomas (vocals, piano), Paul Doucette (drums, now guitar), Kyle Cook (lead guitar, vocals) and Brian Yale (bass). Adam Gaynor (rhythm guitar), who has left the band, performed on their first three albums, as well.

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Matchbox Twenty, Push, How Far We've Come, Unwell, Real World, Disease, 3 AM, If You're Gone, Bright Lights, Long Day, Bent, Back 2 Good, Mad Season, Girl Like That, Hang, Damn, Argue, Shame, 3AM, Kody, She's So Mean, Crutch, Busted, Last Beautiful Girl, Hand Me Down, All I Need, These Hard Times, Downfall, Cold, Bed of Lies, Angry, Could I Be You, Rest Stop, I'll Believe You When, Soul, All Your Reasons, Leave, You're So Real, The Burn, 3 A.M., The Difference, If I Fall, Stop, You Won't Be Mine, Feel, Can't Let You Go, Black & White People, Overjoyed, Unwell - Remastered Version, Our Song, Put Your Hands Up, Parade, I Will, 3 am - Remastered Version, English Town, Radio, Black and White People, How Long, The Way, Sleeping at the Wheel, Time After Time, Like Sugar, Push (acoustic), Unwell (Acoustic), Disease (acoustic), I Can't Let You Go, Push (1997), Breakfast at Tiffanys, If Youre Gone, Closing Time, If You're Gone - Remastered Version, Unwell (Album Version), Long Day (Acoustic), I Believe In Everything, The Difference (Album Version), Straight For This Life, How Far We've Come (Radio Version), I Believe In Everything - Bonus Track, Disease (Album Version), Straight For This Life - Bonus Track, Bright Lights (Album Version), Suffer Me, If You're Gone (LP Version), If You're Gone (live), 3 AM (piano acoustic), Could I Be You (Album Version), When She Smiles, All I Need (live), Disease (Ultimate Main Mix), Angry (LP Version), Hand Me Down (Album Version), Bent (LP Version), Push [1997], You're So Real (Album Version), Bed Of Lies (LP Version), Rest Stop (LP Version), All I Need (Album Version), You Won't Be Mine (LP Version), Push (Live)