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1). A psychedelic rock band from US. Their first album, which was recorded in Florida, has become a collectors' item and is full of dual guitar work with the extended track Play the stand out song. They relocated to East Lansing, Michigan and Detroit to record their second album and whilst in Michigan they gigged with several local bands like The Rationals, The Woolies and Ormandy. Joey Murcia was also connected with Florida bands. Ex-Birdwatchers and went on to play in Life.

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Magic, Rude, One Direction, Indian Sadie, [Walk off the Earth] B.o.B. Cover, Sound Phoenix (Mix Cut), Rude (Zedd Remix), Keep On Movin' On, Coldplay ( BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge), No Way No, Wake up Girl, ETS Zero, Don't Kill The Magic, You Must Believe She's Gone, Magic, 9th Ward, One Minus Two, Come In Alone, B.o.B, Coldplay cover, Puff Puff, I'll Just Play, BURNING BLUE, That's Me, Mistic, Prayer, Castle In The Darkness, Hustler, Coldplay, I Smoke, I Drank (Remix) (Album Version (Edited)), Strung Out, Music For Magic 1, Elu So Da Nida, Who Am I To Say?, Pilot, 5, Sound Of The Tears Is Silent, What, Ladyhawke, Dance 1, Kapuri, Song Of Sacrifice, Stomach, I Think I Love You, Take It To Da Streets, Music For Magic II, Dance II, That's How Strong My Love Is, STREET ANGEL, Premeditation, Let Your Hair Down, Soldier, Mass, バーニング・ブルー, Скорая помощь, I Do, I Never, No Evil, Beginning, No Sound, Compassion, THANK YOU (funky party mix), Hold Me Tight, Be At Peace With Yourself, Thugs, California, Ghetto Godzilla, I Got Love 4 Ya, Too Many People Starving, GOLDEN SUMMER, Life Is A Bitch, Good Lookin Out, Did What I Had 2, I Smoke, I Drank (Remix), 天使のジェラシー, Walk off the Earth, Intro, Knock It Down, Stupid Me, Coldplay live, One woman one man, Ending, Ice On My Wrist, Mr Hollywood, Party Time, 自転車, Let Your Hair Hang Down, Rude (Komes Remix), A 'Yo Kato, Paradise, Never Lock The Door, RUDE (ACOUSTIC), What I Gotta, Kom Tillbax (med Classiq), さらば青春の光, Little girl big world, Friday, take one, 東京バーニング・タウン