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Madvillain es un grupo americano de hip-hop formado por el MC DOOM y productor Madlib. Debutaron en 2004 con el álbum Madvillainy (Stones Throw), recolectando excelentes críticas gracias a la temática oscura y un tanto geek que presenta el disco. En 2008, y tras cuatro años de silencio, Stones Throw lanzó una nueva versión del disco, titulada Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix. Madvillain is a hip-hop duo that consists of emcee MF DOOM and producer Madlib. In the summer of 2002 it was announced that MF DOOM and Madlib were working together on a project which, at that time, had no title or projected release date. The two first met up at the Stones Throw house in Los Angeles where Madlib's studio The Bomb Shelter existed in a former 1950s-era bomb shelter. Doom immediately immersed himself in Madlib's music and began writing lyrics and recording demos.

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Madvillain, Accordion, All Caps, Meat Grinder, Bistro, Curls, Figaro, Strange Ways, Great Day, Money Folder, Rainbows, The Illest Villains, Rhinestone Cowboy, America's Most Blunted, Operation Lifesaver aka Mint Test, Raid, Sickfit, Shadows of Tomorrow, Do Not Fire!, Fancy Clown, Eye, Hardcore Hustle, Do Not Fire! (instrumental), Sickfit [Instrumental], Supervillain Theme, Do Not Fire! [Instrumental], Supervillain Theme [Instrumental], Sickfit (instrumental), Supervillain Theme (instrumental), Monkey Suite, Supervillain, Raid Featuring Medaphoar, No Brain, Boulder Holder, Pearls, Borrowed Time, Light of the Past, Fancy Clown (feat. Viktor Vaughn), Space Ho's Coast to Coast, Hardcore Hustle (feat. Wildchild), Eye (feat. Stacy Epps), Invazion (Interlude), Fluid (Instrumental), Operation Lifesaver _ Mint Test, Monkey Suit, Drainos, Can't Reform Em, Running Around with Another, Eye Featuring Stacy Epps, Heat Niner, Fire in the Hole, Money Folder (Four Tet Remix), Redd Spot (Interlude), Never Go Pop, 3.214, Butter King Jewels, Great Day (Four Tet remix), America's Most Blunted (feat. Lord Quas), Operation Lifesaver a.k.a. Mint Test, Roller Coaster Riders (Instrumental), Sermon, Shadows of Tomorrow Featuring Qua, Cold One, Fancy Clown Featuring Viktor Vaug, Shadows of Tomorrow (feat. Lord Quas), Savage Beast (Instrumental), Cold One (Reprise), Hardcore Hustle Featuring Wildchi, Hardcore Hustle feat. Wildchild, Eye feat. Stacy Epps, Shadows of Tomorrow feat. Lord Quas, Peeyano Keys, Meat Grinder (instrumental), Pow! (Intro), Intro, Accordion (instrumental), Fancy Clown feat. Viktor Vaughn, Money Folder (instrumental), Sickfit (Inst.), Curls (instrumental), Papermill, Great Day (instrumental), jack off (feat quasimoto), Break of Dawn, Raid Feat. Medaphoar, America's Most Blunted feat. Quasimoto, Raid (feat. M.E.D. aka Medaphoar), Powerball 5, Brain Melt, Raid (instrumental), Accordion (Four Tet remix), Soul Slapper, Eye (instrumental), Pretty Blood, America's Most Blunted (Featuring Lord Quas), Deuce Goose, Wake Uppers, Supervillain Theme (Inst.), Strange Ways (instrumental)