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Karen Marie Ørsted (Odense, Dinamarca; 1989), conocida artísticamente como MØ, es una cantante y compositor danesa. Sus composiciones muy eclécticas sobre una adolescencia en apuros mezclan el Pop con los sonidos bedroom beats de toques soul, punk, electro y R&B. Su primer LP, No Mythologies to follow fue grabado en Copenhague y producido por Ronni Vindhahl donde se pueden detectar influencias de algunas de las bandas favoritas de MØ que van de Sonic Youth y el Punk americano hasta la electrónica de artistas como Avicii. Karen Marie Ørsted (born August 13 1988), better known by her stage name MØ, is a Danish singer-songwriter. Born in Odense, Denmark, MØ was just seven when the Spice Girls inspired her to make music. In her teenage years, she sang in the punk duo MOR and looked up to Kim Gordon as a "big hero and role model". Then in her early twenties, she "fell in love" with hip-hop. All of these influences led to her dreamy electro-pop vibe as MØ, which means "maiden" or "virgin" in Danish.

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MØ, Don't Wanna Dance, Final Song, XXX 88 (feat. Diplo), Say You'll Be There, Pilgrim, Waste of Time, Never Wanna Know, Kamikaze, Fire Rides, Maiden, Walk This Way, Glass, Red in the Grey, Slow Love, Dust Is Gone, No Mythologies to Follow, The Sea, Dummy Head, Gone and Found, Drum, Dark Night, Nights With You, Freedom (#1), Walk This Way - Alle Farben Remix, Fire Rides - Night Version, New Year's Eve, Dust Is Gone - Night Version, Walk This Way - Kant Remix (Club Version), Pilgrim - MS MR Remix, Slow Love - Night Version, The Sea - Night Version, Fire Rides (Night Version), The Sea (Night Version), Dust Is Gone (Night Version), Slow Love (Night Version), Final Song - Diplo & Jauz Remix, Pilgrim (MS MR Remix), Never Wanna Know - Live From Spotify Stockholm, Maiden - Live From Spotify Stockholm, XXX 88 - Oceaan Remix, XXX 88 - Faustix & Imanos Remix, Waste of Time - Live From Spotify Stockholm, Pilgrim - Live From Spotify Stockholm, Don't Wanna Dance (Zimmer Remix), Maiden - Yen Sleep Remix, New Year's Eve - Vera Loves Vasco Remix, XXX88 (Joe Hertz Remix), XXX 88 - Joe Hertz Remix, XXX 88 - Kilter Remix, XXX 88 ft. Diplo, Walk This Way - Slowolf Remix, Walk This Way - Lido Remix, Final Song - Jerome Price Remix, Maiden (Yen Sleep Remix), XXX 88 - Brynjolfur Vice Remix, Don't Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix), Walk This Way - Oscar Bandersen Remix, Walk This Way - Frej Levin Remix, XXX 88 - Dreamtrak Remix, XXX 88 - Nonsens Remix, XXX 88 (Prod. by Diplo), Don't Wanna Dance (Phazz Edition), Intro - Live From Spotify Stockholm, Don't Wanna Dance - Flip Remix Edit, Waste of Time - FTSE Remix, New Years Eve, Say You'll Be There (Absence Remix), Waste of Time - Jungle Remix, Walk This Way (Slowolf Remix), Don't Wanna Dance (Darius Remix), Walk This Way (KANT REMIX), XXX 88 (Kilter Remix), Don't Wanna Dance - Davidian Remix, Waste of Time (FTSE Remix), Never Wanna Know (Night Version) (Rdio Exclusive Bonus Track), Crazy For You, Pilgrim (WDL's 'Legotrap' Remix), Waste Of Time (Jungle's ØH MØ Remix), Glass - ELOQ Remix, Pilgrim (Digitalism Remix), Never Wanna Know (Night Version), Don't Wanna Dance (Zane Lowe Hottest Record First Play), XXX 88 (Oceaán Remix), Don't Wanna Dance (Phazz Remix), Glass - Artmus Re-Fix, Pilgrim (Audio), Say You'll Be There (Cover), Walk This Way (Lido Remix), Lean On, Say You'll Be There (Spice Girls Cover), Final Song (Diplo & Jauz Remix), Walk This Way (Alle Farben Remix), Don’t Wanna Dance, XXX 88 Ft. Diplo (Prom Night Chainsaw Twerk Remix), Get Raw, Kamikaze (prod. by Diplo & Boaz van de Beatz), Don’t Wanna Dance, Don't Wanna Dance - Flip Remix