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There are at least 30 artists with this name: 1. A rapper from the United States 2. A rapper from the United Kingdom 3. A collaboration between Eddie Maduro, Roger Sanchez, Vivian Sessoms and Wayne Gardiner 4. An electronic/video game musician 5. A rapper from Czech republic (Hráč roku), member of YZO EMPIRE. and many more 1. Logic, born Sir Bryson Hall II, is an up and coming rapper from Maryland. Logic is currently signed to Visionary Music Group and Def Jam Recordings.

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Logic, Under Pressure, Buried Alive, Fade Away, Gang Related, Soul Food, Nikki, Im Gone, Alright, Flexicution, Bounce, Lord Willin', Till The End, Like Woah, Driving Ms Daisy, Young Jesus, Metropolis, Growing Pains III, Intro, Never Enough, I Am The Greatest, Upgrade, Contact, 44 Bars, Now, We Get High, Inception, All I Do, Tic Tac Toe, Logic, Super Mario World, The Spotlight, City Of Stars, Numbers, Run It, Never Been, Innermission, Stainless, Wrist, The Jam, The Incredible True Story, Paradise, Dead Presidents III, Set The Tone, Do Ya Like, No Biggie, Slave II, Young Sinatra III, illuminatro, The Warning (Inner mix), White People - Scene, Alright (feat. Big Sean), Used To Hate It, Relaxation, Slave, Deeper Than Money, Life Of A Don, Shine On, Dear God, A Word From Our Sponsor, 500 Days Of Summer, Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu, Babel - Scene, One, What You Want, Beggin' (Feat. C Dot Castro), Driving Ms Daisy (Feat. Childish Gambino), Aye Girl, All Sinatra Everything, Disgusting (Feat C Dot Castro), Roll Call, Addiction, 30,000, Lucidity - Scene, Young Sinatra II, ThirstMail (Skit), Let Me Go (Feat. Lykke Li), Are You Ready (Feat. Phil Ade), i made it, Live On The Air, Juice, Mind Of Logic (Feat. Camille Michelle Gray), Highs & Lows, Stewie Griffin, As I Am, Prime, Champagne Thoughts (Interlude), Sell Out Records (Skit), Just Another Day (In My Mind), Growing Pains II, 5AM, Mixed Feelings, White People (Scene), World Wide, My Chain (Prod. 6ix), Intro - Logic/Under Pressure, Feel Good, Take It Slow (Feat. Raheem Devaughn), Babel (Scene)