Level 42

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Level 42 es un una banda musical de pop británica y de estilo funk. El grupo tuvo gran éxito en el Reino Unido y en el resto del mundo durante los 80. La banda ganó fama por la calidad de músicos como Mark King, cuya técnica magistral de tocar el bajo fue un trampolín para muchos éxitos de la banda. Los miembros fundadores de la banda fueron Mark King (Vocalista), Mike Lindup (Teclado y vocalista), Boon Gould (Guitarra) y el músico Philip Gould (batería). This internationally popular British pop/funk quartet, fronted by Mark King and Mike Lindup, is best known for the hits "Lessons in Love", "Something About You", "The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)", "Love Games", and "Hot Water". The genre-blending group started out on the Isle of Wight. Though their membership has fluctuated throughout the years, the original and perhaps best-known lineup of Level 42 consisted of Mark King aka "Thunderthumbs" (vocals & bass)

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Level 42, Lessons in Love, Something About You, Running in the Family, It's Over, Love Games, Hot Water, To Be with You Again, Children Say, Leaving Me Now, Heaven in My Hands, Something About You - Single Version, Running In The Family - Single Version, The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up), The Chinese Way, Tracie, Take a Look, Starchild, The Chant Has Begun, Micro Kid, Take Care of Yourself, Dune Tune, The Sun Goes Down, Guaranteed, World Machine, Forever Now, Love Meeting Love, Almost There, Leaving Me Now - Remix, Physical Presence, Turn It On, Mr. Pink, Heathrow, Good Man In A Storm, The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - 7" Mix, Fashion Fever, All over You, Freedom Someday, It's Not The Same For Us, I Sleep On My Heart, Lying Still, Love Games - Level Best Remix, Weave Your Spell, Kansas City Milkman, Sandstorm, Love In A Peaceful World, You Can't Blame Louis, Why Are You Leaving, It's Over - Remix, Micro-Kid, Coup D'Etat, "43", Overtime, The Sunbed Song, Love Games - Edit Album Version, I Want Eyes, Two Hearts Collide, Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix), Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?, One In A Million, Eyes Waterfalling, Follow Me, Two Solitudes, Why Are You Leaving?, Dive Into the Sun, Something About You (Single Version), A Floating Life, Standing In The Light, Romance, Sleep Talking, Last Chance, To Be With You Again - Single Version, I Don't Know Why, Wings Of Love, Dance On Heavy Weather, The Chinese Way - Single Version, Talking In Your Sleep, Sleepwalkers, Leaving Me Now - Extended Version, 88, Model Friend, The Pursuit Of Accidents, (Flying On The) Wings Of Love, Rooted, Tired Of Waiting, Silence, The sleepwalkers, My Father's Shoes, Shapeshifter, Billy's Gone, Don't Bother Me, Lessons in Love (Shep Pettibone remix), Seven Days, Running In The Family (Single Version), The Way Back Home, Staring At The Sun, Heaven In My Hands - 7" Version, True Believers, Turn It On - Edit Album Version