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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) KYLE is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in the hip-hop scene. The young rapper will drop his debut album, Beautiful Loser, on August 5. He has spent the past year working on and perfecting this album, resulting in a record full of personality and passion, with his playful flows covering a wide variety of styles. 2) Kyle is a three-piece math rock band from Cincinnati. They blend heavy rock rhythms with jumpy guitars, complex chords, and simple melodies.

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KYLE, iSpy, Remember Me? (feat. Chance The Rapper), Keep It Real, Don't Wanna Fall In Love, Sex & Super Smash Bros., Feel like pwning noobs, Really? Yeah!, This Is A Hit, Raining Love, The Force, BANG (feat. Mr. Man), King Wavy (feat. G-Eazy), Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron, Just A Picture, Doubt It, Oceans, Endless Summer Symphony, FUN, Focus On You, Feels Good, SummertimeSoul, All Alright, View From Hollywood, SuperDuperHero (feat. SuperDuperBrick), When Can We, Love 4 You, All 4 You (feat. Yuna), Deepest Part Of Me (Interlude), Fruit Snacks, Wait On Me, To Do List (feat. CP), GirlsGirlsGirls [Bonus], DewWutItDoez, Keep It Real (prod. Carnage), Deeper (feat. Beldina) [Bonus], A Okay [Bonus], It's Lit (feat. IAMSU!), Let It Go, Silver Platter (prod. Carnage), iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty), @FoundBae (feat. Jesse Rutherford), Remember Me? ( + @chancetherapper) (SMYLE Oct. 2nd), @FoundBae (feat. Je$$e), Angel (feat. Buddy), Blame, GirlsGirlsGirls (Bonus Track), Sex & Super Smash Bros [Prod. By Deaf Heff], I Thought, This Is A Hit [Prod. By The Cataracs], Keep It Real [Prod. By Carnage], Kay Kay Krispy, Oceans [Prod. By SNOWBEACH], Focus On You [Prod. By Dave Cappa], BANG (Feat. Mr. Man) [Prod. By Tomas Barfod], Raining Love [Prod. By Bedrock], Love 4 You [Prod. By Victor Niglio], A Okay (Bonus Track), Sigma Kappa Chingy, Kyle, When Can We [Prod. By Dave Cappa & Tomas Barfod], View From Hollywood [Prod. By Tomas Barfod], FUN [Prod. By Bedrock], Sex & Super Smash Bros, To Do List (Feat. CP) [Prod. By K.E On The Track], Shot Interlude, Remember Me? ( + @chancetherapper), The Lonely Jew On Christmas, Silver Platter, Remember Me (feat. Chance The Rapper), Deeper (Feat. Beldina) [Bonus Track], Can't Feel My Face On the Weekend in 1989 With Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift (feat. Mike), Summertime Soul, Just A Picture (feat. Kehlani), BANG ft. Mr. Man, Sex on the Beach, Stay, Girls, Girls, Girls, Toil Away, Recapitulation, Superstar, Really Yeah!, Gorgeous, Except Bottled Water, Kitties (Are Born (With Tails)), Love U Tonight Ft. Willy William, GirlsGirlsGirls, Dream Song, In My Defense, 가지 말아요, The Dreidle Song, Pickle, Robbie Is Shouting, Snakes Will Jump Out, To Do List Ft. CP, A Okay, Sex and Super Smash Bros (Prod. By Deaf Heff), Beautiful Woman, turn it up