Kilo Kish

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Kilo Kish is an alternative R&B singer, songwriter, and occasional rapper who has recorded with the Jet Age of Tomorrow, the Internet, Vince Staples, Childish Gambino, and Chet Faker, among others. She has also released her own material. Born Lakisha Robinson in Orlando, Florida, she spent part of her childhood in New Jersey prior to returning to Orlando and was briefly in a pop group called D'Angelz. She moved to New York, attended the Pratt Institute, and worked as a model and waiter.

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Kilo Kish, Locket, Navy, Locket - RRReymundo Remix, Curious, Goldmine, Wax, Turquoise, Begin Route, On The Way, Hello, Lakisha, Thoughts On Love And Work, Wrong, Distractions I: The Opposite Sex, Self Importance, Thank You!, Destination, Age + Self Esteem: A Funhouse Mirror, Creepwave, Ghost, Distractions II: The Dilemma of Cool, Fulfillment?, IOU, Collected Views from Dinner, You're Right, Trappin, Scones, Frustrations + Solutions, Better, Crosstown, Love2K, Taking Responsibility, Obsessing, Sick, The Fears of a Dilettante, Indigo's July, Life: The Cruel Interlude (On God), Julienne, Existential Crisis Hour!, BusBoy, Humans + Ants in Proportion (Unfinished), On the Mend, Locket (RRReymundo Remix), Poem A, Relief! (My Answers So Far), K+, Tb70 ft. Pyramid Vritra, Intermission, Outpatient Mentality, Navy (MeLo-X Remix), Begin Route / Intro (RRReymundo Remix), Curious (RRReymundo Remix), ghost Feat. Childish Gambino, Goldmine (Prod. by Star Slinger), Navy - MeLo-X Remix, On the Way (RRReymundo Remix), Curious (Le Flex Remix) [Bonus Track], k+ intro, Wax (RRReymundo Remix), Thoughts on Love and Work (RRReymundo Remix), On the Way - RRReymundo Remix, Intermission (feat. John Anderson), On the Way (Cesare Remix), Wrong (RRReymundo Remix), Curious (Le Flex Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit], Magical Reality, Navy (prod. the internet), Begin Route / Intro - RRReymundo Remix, Curious" (Le Flex Remix), Curious - RRReymundo Remix, On the Way - Cesare Remix, Curious (Anton Borin Edition), Wax - RRReymundo Remix, Curious (Le Flex Remix), Ghost (Feat. Childish Gambino), Thoughts on Love and Work - RRReymundo Remix, You're Right (prod. Syd), Locket (feat. Kish Robinson), Wrong - RRReymundo Remix, Curious - Le Flex Remix, Give It 2 You, Trappin', I.O.U., Crosstown (prod. matt martians), k intro, Creepwave (feat. Flatbush Zombies), Watergun, 02 Kilo Kish - Goldmine, Watergun (Produced by The Internet), Intro, Watergun (Prod. The Internet), 01 Kilo Kish - K+ Intro, Navy (Prod. by the internet), 05 Kilo Kish - Iou, 04 Kilo Kish - Trappin, 03 Kilo Kish - Ghost, 06 Kilo Kish - Turquoise, Good?, 07 Kilo Kish - Scones