Kevin Abstract

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Ian Simpson (born July 16, 1996) better known by his stage name Kevin Abstract is a rapper from Corpus Christi, TX. Simpson is the creator of hip hop collective AliveSinceForever (ASF) and has released several mixtapes and albums under the namesake (including The School Bus Chronicles, The Comics, BeyondOurDreams (as Kevin Abstract & EaSy), and Imagination. Simpson has been known to associate and collaborate with artists in ASF such as Deon, MiC Kurb, Sage, and Kenja.

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Kevin Abstract, DRUGS, empty, ECHO, Miserable America, Seventeen, Blink, degas park, Yellow, Tattoo, American Boyfriend, Runner, Papercut, Suburbian Born, dad, hell / heroina, June 29th, Flintridge, tame cab, I Do (End Credits), Save, mom, camp green lake, 27, drug dealer, snakes, rush, Save (feat. Lontalius), 27 (feat. Jack Larsen), Snakes (feat. Matt Champion), Rush (feat. Sage Williams), Not On DOASM 03, Somewhere, NOT ON DOASM 01, Kin, Heavier Than Heaven (First Draft), silicon valley, Bubblegum / IWB (feat. Dom McLennon & Matt Champion), Cry, Refresh (Feat. Allan Kingdom), Friendship, SAVE (Prod. Romil), Not On DOASM 01 (Feat. Matt Champion & Ameer Vann), LEADER, Rocket (Prod. HoraceTheGiant), DRUGS (Prod. by Romil), PJs (Prod. HoraceTheGiant), Dead (Prod. HoraceTheGiant), NOT ON DOASM 2 (feat. Matt Champion), yummy (verse only), heavier than heaven (draft 32), PUKE, This Ain't No Interlude (Prod. HoraceTheGiant), tear for, Jackson's Song, NOT ON DOASM 01 [FT MATT CHAMPION & AMEER VANN], as told by ginger, Last Song (Prod. HoraceTheGiant), something in the way, Heavier Than Heaven, Slit My Wrist (feat. Allan Kingdom), puke (version w/o carti), yummy, NOT ON DOASM 02 (feat. Matt Champion), NOT ON DOASM 02 [Ft. Matt Champion] (Prod. BEAR//FACE, ROMIL, & KIKO), CUT OUT, little broken monsters, Bubblegum / IWB (ft. Dom McLennon & Matt Champion, 4 My Dogz, song for anna - ameer verse revised, American Boyfriend (Original Version), Ian Mad, Kin (Produced by BLACKM0NDAY), Nashville, i wish i didn't think about you, sorry (brandy), Bubblegum (Ft. Dom McLennon), Battlin', Interlude, As I Am (feat. Alex Wiley & Wonda), Starchild (ft. Kevin Abstract), silicon valley (prod. by romil), NOT ON DOASM 01 [FT MATT CHAMPION & AMEER VANN] PROD. BY BEAR//FACE & ROMIL, Sweet, not on doasm 3, Cartoonz (Produced by Chris Ramon), Starchild, HOLY, Not On DOASM 04, bubblegum / iwb (prod. BEAR//FACE, ROMIL, & KIKO MERLEY), kill me v2 (VERSION W AMEER VANN), Heroina, The Perfect Date, Bicycle, Song For Anna (Feat. Ameer Vann), IWB (Ft. Matt Champion), Moments, save (PRE-JOBA MIX), Michigan