Keri Hilson

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Keri Lynn Hilson (nacida el 5 de Diciembre de 1982 en Decatur, un suburbio de Atlanta, Georgia) es una cantante y compositora estadounidense de R&B. Actualmente contratada por Zone 4/Mosley Music Group/Interscope. Ella es parte de un grupo colectivo de compositores y productores conocidos como "The Clutch". A lo largo de la década del 2000, Hilson ha escrito canciones para numerosos raperos y cantantes, entre los que se incluyen Britney Spears o Ludacris. Keri Lynn Hilson (born December 5, 1982 in Decatur, Georgia, USA) is a Grammy nominated American R&B singer-songwriter signed to Timbaland's Mosley Music Group. She is also a part of a collective of writers and producers known as The Clutch, and has written hits for many artists including Britney Spears, Usher, Ciara, Ludacris and Omarion, After performing on Xzibit's hit song Hey Now (Mean Muggin') and Timbaland's album Shock Value she released her debut album, In A Perfect World.

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