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Kasabian es una banda de post-punk revival originarios de Leicester (Reino Unido) en 1999. El grupo está compuesto por el vocalista Tom Meighan, el guitarrista Serge Pizzorno, el bajista Chris Edwards y el batería Ian Matthews, que se unió a la banda a comienzos de 2005. Christopher Karloff abandonó la banda a mediados de 2006 y es reemplazado, por ahora solamente en las actuaciones en directo, por Jay Mehler, que todavía no ha sido confirmado como miembro oficial de la banda. Kasabian are a rock band from Leicester, England, United Kingdom. The band consists of Tom Meighan (vocals), Sergio Pizzorno (guitar, synths, vocals), Christopher Edwards (bass), Ian Matthews (drums) and guitarist Tim Carter. The band has been compared with the likes of Primal Scream, with their similar electronica-indie rock fusion and Oasis, with whom they share their confidence, vision, swagger and rough vocal style. The band formed in 1997 in Leicester

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Kasabian, Club Foot, Fire, Underdog, Shoot the Runner, Processed Beats, Reason Is Treason, Empire, Where Did All the Love Go?, Cutt Off, Me Plus One, Running Battle, I.D., Test Transmission, Butcher Blues, Fast Fuse, L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever), Thick as Thieves, Stuntman, Last Trip (In Flight), Vlad the Impaler, Apnoea, By My Side, Days Are Forgotten, British Legion, Swarfiga, Take Aim, Ovary Stripe, Re-Wired, Secret Alphabets, Goodbye Kiss, U Boat, The Doberman, West Ryder Silver Bullet, Pinch Roller, Happiness, Orange, L.S.F., Let's Roll Just Like We Used To, Ladies and Gentlemen, Roll the Dice, Man of Simple Pleasures, Velociraptor!, Seek & Destroy, Switchblade Smiles, Eez-Eh, I Hear Voices, Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter from the Storm), La Fee Verte, Neon Noon, Orange (Interlude), Sun Rise Light Flies, Stevie, Bumblebeee, Sun/Rise/Light/Flies, Bow, LSF, (Shiva), Treat, Doomsday, Explodes, (Mortis), Seek and Destroy, Pinch Roller (Interlude), Glass, L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever), Clouds, (Levitation), S.P.S., L.S.F.(Lost Souls Forever), La Fée Verte, You're In Love With a Psycho, Doberman, Sand Clit, Club Foot Jagz Kooner Vocal Mix, Black Whistler, Where Did All The Love Go, Pistols At Dawn, Comeback Kid, Reason Is Treason (Jacknife Lee Version), Empire (Single Edit), LSF (Lost Souls Forever), Heroes, Beneficial Herbs (Demo), Are You Looking for Action?, Cunny Grope Lane, L.S.F, Ill Ray (The King), Pictures Of Matchstick Men, Club Foot (Live At Brixton Academy), 55 (Live At Brixton Academy), Wasted, Runaway, Twentyfourseven, Narcotic Farm, Good Fight, Ketang, Club Foot (Jagz Kooner Vocal Mix), Cutt Off (Single Version), Processed Beats (Live At Brixton Academy)