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There is more than one artist with this name: 1.) Ka (Hip Hop) > http://brownsvilleka.com 2.) Ka is an American progressive metal/rock band featuring Ringo Larz and Krk Hammetson of Beatallica. 3.) Ka is Kirill Kalashnikov aka Implex. 4.) KA is a band from Seattle, WA featuring members of Kithkin and Lemolo. Autobiography taken from brownsvilleka.com "I've been rhyming for over 20 years and appreciate any hip hop fan who respects lyrics. I already know my songs are not for everyone.

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Ka, You Know It's About, our father, Jungle, Barring the Likeness, Nothing Is, Conflicted, Peace Akhi, Just, Knighthood, 30 Pieces of Silver, Soap Box (feat. Roc Marci), Off The Record, That Cold and Lonely, I'm Ready, Mourn at Night, Destined, $, Ours, 30 Keys, Illicit Fields, Cold Facts, No Downtime, I Wish (Death Poem), Finer Things / Tamahagene, Chamber, Decisions, Summer, Collage, Every ..., Up Against Goliath, Born King N.Y., Vessel, Grapes of Wrath, Iron Age (feat. Roc Marci), Lost Prophet Report, D.N.A., Our Father (prod. Ka), Jungle (prod. Ka), Iron Age (Feat. Roc Marciano), 247365, Nothing Is (prod. Ka), Mr. Officer, Really Though, Soap Box (feat. Roc Marciano), Soap Box (ft. Roc Marciano) (prod. Ka), Peace Akhi (prod. Ka), Iron Work, KA - Let's Race Feat. HT, Knighthood (prod. Ka), s, I Know What It's Like, Children, I'm Ready (prod. Ka), Hood, Zaja, Firehouse, Sunday To Sunday, Stay Gutter, Off The Record (prod. Ka), Insanity, Bully, Patience, Ace Boon, Oil Man, Iron Age Ft Roc Marci, Get 'Em, To Hull and Back, Finer Things _ Tamahagene, Still Heir, The Maestro, Years, Iron Age (ft. Roc Marciano), Delaney Card, Day 0, Day 811, baalim and Cupid - Western Angels, Day 1125, Day 3, soap box, baalim and Cupid - Subtle Reflection, Day 777, Day 110, Day 81, Pride / Lackin' Vocals, Day 22, KA victory, Day 93, Day 70, Opium, Day 13, Day 912, Fall of the Bronze (New Iron) f Roc Marci, Pride/Lackin' Vocals, Soap Box (ft. Roc Marciano), Iron Age, Pax in Nomine Domini, You Know It’s About, Intro