Julian Jordan

Biografía de este autor :

A 16 year old producer from The Netherlands ready to take over the dance floors all around the world. In Januari one of his tracks charted #8 in the beatport top 10! with his rough beats and big progressive tunes, is he more than ready for a big future. His tracks are already supported by the biggest names in the scene and played on the hottest radio stations like the ''Pete Tong essential selection'' on BBC Radio 1! World watch out for this young talent!

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Etiquetas :

Julian Jordan, Blinded By The Light - Radio Edit, BFAM - Original Mix, A Thousand Miles, Angels x Demons - Radio Edit, Slenderman - Original Mix, Lost Words, Ramcar - Original Mix, Rock Steady - Original Mix, Rock Steady, Feel The Power, Ramcar, Always, Rock Steady - Radio Edit, Say Love, Childish Grandpa - Original Mix, Midnight Dancers, The Takedown - Original Mix, All Night, Pilot, Slenderman (Original Mix), Colette, Blinded by the Light, Up In This! - Original Mix, Angels x Demons, Rock Steady (Original Mix), Up In This! (Original Mix), Angels x Demons - Orginal Mix, Find Love, Slenderman, Blinded By The Light - Original Mix, Ramcar (Original Mix), Up in This!, Angels x Demons (Orginal Mix), Pilot - Mix Cut, Oxford - Extended Mix, Kangaroo - Edit, The Takedown (Original Mix), BFAM - Radio Edit, Rebound, Pilot (Mix Cut), The Takedown, BFAM - Edit, Lost Words (Original Mix), Angels x Demons (Original Mix), Blinded By The Light (Original Mix), Pilot (Extended Mix), Memory, Travel B - Original Mix, Slenderman - Original Edit, Aztec, Up In This! - Original Edit, Blinded By The Light (Radio Edit), Aztec (Original mix), Rock Steady - Radio Mix, Kangaroo - Original Mix, BFAM, A Thousand Miles (feat. Ruby Prophet), Angels x Demons (Radio Edit), All Night (Extended Mix), Pilot - Extended Mix, Up In This (Original Mix), Angels x Demons (Original Mix)[OUT NOW], Pilot (Radio Edit), Julian Jordan - Aztec, All Night - Extended Mix, Angels x Demons (Dicemount Remix), Childish Grandpa - Radio Edit, Takedown, BFAM (Original Mix), Up in this, Ramcar (Radio Edit), Angels & Demons, Aztec (FREE DOWNLOAD), Up In This! (Hardwell on Air Rip), Colette (Original Mix), Up In This! (Original Mix) [FDM], Rock Steady (Radio Edit), Slenderman (Original Mix) [FDM], Memory (Original Mix), Feel the Power (feat. Stino), Kangaroo (Original Mix), Childish grandpa, Ramcar - (Original Mix), Angels & Demons [HOA 188], Angels & Demons (Dicemount Remix), BFAM (feat. Martin Garrix), Angels x Demons (Official Music Video), Angels x Demons (ADE Recap), Angels Demons (Orginal Mix), The Feeling (Julian Jordan Remix), Always (feat. CHOCO), Find Love (feat. Rayvon Owen), Up In This! (Original Mix) [OUT NOW], Up In This! (Hardwell on Air Rip) [OUT NOW], A Thousand Miles (ANR113), A Thousand Miles (Mix Cut), Midnight Dancers (Original Mix), pilot (radio edit)-ukhx