Jon Bellion

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Strictly a producer at age 14, Bellion became increasingly fed up with being asked for generic records. After literally giving singing and rapping "a shot" out of frustration, the now 25 year old Bellion has developed an incredibly unique lane untouched by anyone. His obsession with moving forward and experimentation has driven him to create "solid and refreshing tunes", and in the words of Jon himself "that's all that really matters" Jon's 2010 mixtape "Scattered Thoughts Vol.

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Jon Bellion, All Time Low, Luxury, Woke The F*ck Up, Guillotine, All Time Low - Acoustic, Munny Right, Carry Your Throne, Run Wild, 80's Films, Overwhelming, Maybe IDK, Woke The F*ck Up - Acoustic, Human, Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction), Human - Acoustic, Simple & Sweet, He Is The Same, Ooh, Fashion, Morning In America, Jungle, The Good In Me, iRobot, A Haunted House, An Immigrant, New York Soul - Pt. ii, Pre-Occupied, Hand Of God - Outro, Weight Of The World, Dead Man Walking, Run Wild - Acoustic, The Wonder Years, Guillotine (feat. Travis Mendes), Life, Paper Planes, Luxury feat. Audra Mae, Jim Morrison, While You Count Sheep, Don't Ask Cuz I Don't Know, Simple and Sweet, Waves of Loneliness, Hand Of God (Outro), Timeless, Ungrateful Eyes, Weight of the World (feat. Blaque Keyz), For The Dreamers (Feat. Blaque Keyz), Luxury ft. Audra Mae, Eyes To The Sky, One More Time, 2 Rocking Chairs, Woke The Fuck Up, Halloween, All Time Low (OxV Remix), Kingdom Come, To My Future Wife..., Pre-Occupied Ft. Blaque Keyz, Ooh Ft. Christianne Jensen, A Dedicated Instrumental, New York Soul (Pt. ii), Wutup Snow (Feat. Blaque Keyz), All Time Low (feat. Travis Mendes), Superman, The Gift And The Curse, New York Soul, Pt. II, The Motto (Drake Cover), NewYorkSoul, Wutup Snow? (Feat. Blaque Keyz), When The Lions Come (Feat. Castro, Logic, Blaque Keyz), Woke The F-ck Up, Guillotine ft. Travis Mendes, New York Soul, All Time Low (Acoustic), Claps And Autotune For Lovers, Ooh (feat. Christianne Jensen), Luxury (feat. Audra Mae), NewYorkSoul 1, The Motto, All Time Low - New Mix, Eyes To The Sky (Party Ghost Remix), Pre-Occupied (feat. Blaque Keyz), When The Lions Come Feat. Castro, Logic, Blaque Keyz, Guillotine ft. Travis Mendes, Hand Of God, Superman, The Gi Feat. And The Curse, Woke The F*ck Up (Acoustic), Human (Acoustic), Luxury (ft. Audra Mae), Jon Bellion All Time Low Ft Travis Mendes, Guillotine (Ft. Travis Mendes), Want To Be Loved, She Knows My Heart, Trumpets, Run Wild (Acoustic), Catch Me If You Can, D.O.P.E., Let Me Know How It Goes, Eyes To The Sky(Party Ghost Remix), Without Your Face, The Right Direction (Intro)