Johnny Rain

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Johnny Rain is an American alternative R&B singer who has released L.O.M. (Lullaby Of Machine) in the first quarter of 2013.

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Johnny Rain, 143, Harveston Lake, Dance…, A World of 100, Oakland Ting / 808 and Patron, …Fuck, Ten, Cold Water, Mulholland Drive, My Abyss, twisted high, Master of Disguise, P∆R∆NOI∆, Porn In My Rearview, New Religion / Dimelo, Jericho, BL∆CKY∆YO, Pisces, lovely hallucination, Isis, sine qua non, Mulholland Drive (OZZIE Remix), Lullaby Of Machine, 22° Halo, Animosity / Dear Xodi, Reminder (My Nigga Song), Animosity / Dear Xodi (feat. James Blake), -Sus Two-, Barry, What's Going On?, Tea And Thoughts, LLWH [extended version], P.U.S.S.Y., Roll With The Ocean, Head, Thirsty Bitch, A World Of 100 (feat. Quod Amoris), Soul Sailing, California Sun, Barry, What's Going On? (feat. Xodiak), Good Day, USA!, Welcome To Love, iii (OZZIE x Hucci Remix), Tea and Thoughts (feat. Malanda), Americana Way, Stellar, La Jolla, Mary's Song, Good Day, USA! (feat. Xodiak), California Sun (feat. TW3LV), Nightmares, Exhale, LLWH, N∆KED feat. my ❥, NAKED, Mela's Interlude, 31 Days of Christmas, Sight Seeing, Inhale, 1 ∞ Superstition feat. LaShaun Ellis, In The Clouds, Gabriella, The Breaking, iii (OZZIE/Hucci Remix), Exhibition, Amor Fati, I Won't Beg You Anymore feat. Alina Baraz, I Won't Beg You Anymore, iii | OZZIE // Hucci | Remix, Villain feat. Xodiak, johnny rain, iii (OZZIE & HU₵₵I RMX), 1 ∞ Superstition ft. LaShaun Ellis, Dance, N∆KED ft. my ❥, Iii, The Gray Room (feat. Emerson Windy), iii (OZZIE & Hucci Remix), Villain, The Gray Room, iii (OZZIE | Hucci Remix), LLWH - Extended Version, I Won't Beg You Anymore (feat. Alina Baraz), ...Fuck, 1 Infinite Superstition, N∆KED (ft. my Love), I Won't Beg You Anymore ft. Alina Baraz, Something New Maybe?, Fuck, Villain (feat. Xodiak), LLWH (Extended version), Villain ft. Xodiak, The Gray Room feat. Emerson Windy, Dance..., Cold Water (TWINSMATIC Remix), Mulholland Drive, My Abyss (produced by Johnny Rain), 22 Halo, M.D.P (Ft. Lashaun), -Sus-, 1 ? Superstition feat. LaShaun Ellis