Jason Reeves

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Jason Reeves (born July 1, 1984) is an American singer-songwriter. He was born in Iowa City, Iowa. Self-taught on the guitar, Reeves began his own musical adventure as a teenager, when he discovered the works of folk legends Bob Dylan and James Taylor. Transformed, Reeves spent the next few years honing his own writing skills before dropping out of college and moving to California to pursue his music full time. Reeves paints amazingly sophisticated portraits of some of life’s most vulnerable, yet exhilarating moments. Jason Reeves (born July 1, 1984, in Arlington, Texas) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. In 2005 he relocated to California where he began a long-standing working relationship with producer Mikal Blue and singer Colbie Caillat. He has co-written many songs with Caillat, most notably the songs "Bubbly", "Realize" and "I Never Told You". "Bubbly" has been Reeves most successful work to date, hitting #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts, #5 on the Hot 100 and being certified Platinum (along with "Realize") by the RIAA.

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Jason Reeves, Someone Somewhere, Photographs & Memories, Back WIth Me, You In A Song, Reaching, Save My Heart, Just Friends, Pretty Eyes, Never Find Again, The End, Entwined, Helium Hearts, More in Love With You (feat. Nelly Joy), photographs and memories, Old Fashioned Letters, Happy Accident, No Lies Feat. Colbie Caillat, Gasoline, New Hampshire, Simple Song, Sunbeam Lights, The Fragrant Taste Of Rain, Sticks & Stones, Infinity to One, Only With You, Give Me One Reason (feat. Jason Reeves), Alone, No One Ever Taught Us Feat. Kara Dioguardi, Truth, Say Love, Always Want More, Wishing Weed - Acoustic Version, You're My Best Friend, Beautiful, No Lies (feat. Colbie Caillat), Skydive - Acoustic Version, When Life Was Good - Acoustic Version, Photographs & Memories (Acoustic), Careless - Acoustic Version, The Sun Shines On Everything, On Our Way, Wishing Weed (Acoustic Version), Treefall, I'll Never Leave You Again, Nobody Else Could Be You, Like the Sun, Echoes - Acoustic Version, No One Ever Taught Us (feat. Kara Dioguardi), Wishing Weed (feat. Colbie Caillat), Everything Is Eventual - Acoustic Version, Makeshift Aircraft, I Can't Imagine, Skydive (Acoustic Version), Honestly, Song for Jack, Numbers & Time, One Day, Habits, The Nervous Mind of Love, Morning Air, Careless (Acoustic Version), hearts are magnets, When Life Was Good (Acoustic Version), Shine, Colors, Untitled, Permanent (Feat. Colbie Caillat), Song for a Waitress, Terrified, Rescue, Echoes (Acoustic Version), Everything Is Eventual (Acoustic Version), The World Is A Hard Thing To Move, Bicycle, Happy to be Numb, In Between the Rain, Nothing's Ever Dead, No Time, Dinosaurs, More Than I Meant To, Your Skin Instead, Scattered Over The Sea, Through The Morning Light, How Many Hearts, Never Be Free, Save the World, Vietnam, Misty Mountain High, Neverending, Buried By Waves In The Ocean, Stained Glass, Wishing Weed, Bones To Water, New York In Wintertime (feat. Kara Dio Guardi), Dream, Wishing Weed (Acoustic) [feat. Colbie Caillat], Grow Old, No Lies