Jamie Lawson

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So why give your time and attention to Jamie? It’s not as if there’s any obvious shortage of young singer-songwriters right now. Far from it. Wherever you turn, there’s yet another fresh-faced hopeful coming at you with a guitar and a claim on the future. But even in a crowded marketplace there will always be room for an artist who has what it takes to be better than the rest. And if you love music and have a heart and a pair of ears, you’ll recognise within the space of just one song that here is exactly that sort of someone.

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Jamie Lawson, Wasn't Expecting That, Cold in Ohio, The Only Conclusion, All Is Beauty, Someone for Everyone, Ahead of Myself, Wasn't Expecting That - Zwette Remix, Don't Let Me Let You Go, Still Yours, In Our Own Worlds, Sometimes It's Hard, I'm Gonna Love You, Let Love Hold You Now, This Is Love, The Last Time, The Touch of Your Hand, Seven, Real Thing, Love You All The Same, A Darkness, Oh, What A Foolish Me, But Love Me, Some Ships, Petals, Almost All The Time, North Shore, Panic Attacks, Wheat For Billie, Heal A Bone, Union St, Brave, It's Over, Wasn't Expecting That (Zwette Remix), Last Night Stars, Bruises, O'Familiarity, Wasnt Expecting That, Wasn't Expecting That - Acoustic Version, Don't Let Me Let You Go [Explicit], The Quiet Man, Moving In, Wasn't Expecting That (Acoustic Version), I Wasn't Expecting That, The Quiet Man // Mahogany Session, Wasn`t Expecting That, Wasn't Expecting That (Live from BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge), Someone For Everyone - Live At Glastonbury 2016, Lucy Rocks, Wasn’t Expecting That, All I Ever Wanted, Union St., Beside Me, Little Learning, I Over You, Reason for Everything, O' Familiarity, In Our Own Words, Someone For Everyone (Live At Glastonbury 2016), Touch of your hand (acoustic), Wasn't Expecting That (Fracx Remix), Almost All The Time (alternative version), Wasn't Expecting That (Single Version), Wasn't Expecting That (3:21), If Love Doesnt Find You I Will, Wasn't Expecting That (original single version), It's Over*, Wasn't Expecting That (Acoustic), Wasn’t Expecting That (Zwette Remix), Wasn't Expecting That (Kopa Remix), Brave (altrenative version), Wasn t Expecting That, Wasn't Expecting That - original single version, I Wasn't Expecting That - Up, Bruises**, Wasn't Expecting That (Anomura Remix), Jamie Lawson - Wasn't Expecting That, Wasn't Expecting That // Mahogany Session, 1 Wasn't Expecting That (3:21), Wasn't Expecting That (Lyrics), Wasn't Expecting That [Official Video], 103. Wasn't Expecting That, Wasn´t Expecting That, Wasn`t expecting that auf WDR 2, If Love Doesn't Find You I Will, Quiet Man, Wasn't Expecting That (Zwette Radio Edit), The Hunger Song, Wasn't Expecting That (Radio 1 Live Lounge, 05 Nov 2015), Waiting For Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge, 05 Nov 2015), I Wasnt Expecting That (Devizer Remix), I Wasn't Expecting That, The Touch Of Your Hand (Live at Whelans), Wasn't Expecting That [original single version], Union street, Once In A While, The Us We've Become, Wasnt Expecting That [Official Video], 8 Ahead Of Myself (3:43)