Jacob Whitesides

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Jacob Whitesides nació el 11 de noviembre de 1997, Knoxville, Tennessee, Estados Unidos Cantante / compositor Jacob Whitesides es mejor conocido por su seriedad, pop melódico y covers en línea. Whitesides primero se interesó en la música mientras asistía a un festival de bluegrass en 2008. Por su adolescencia, Whitesides fue tocando en shows alrededor de Knoxville y ya había ganado una enorme cantidad de seguidores en línea para sus covers de YouTube. Jacob Whitesides (born on 11 November 1997) is an American singer-songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Since 2015, he has been recording his music for Double U Records, where he also serves as CEO. Aged 14, he gained national attention in 2012 after appearing in the second USA series of The X Factor. Having previously released three EPs, Jacob Whitesides released hit debut studio album, Why?, was released on 9 September 2016.

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Jacob Whitesides, Rules of Beautiful, SECRETS, Lovesick, Words, Not My Type at All, I Know What You Did Last Summer (feat. Kelly Rowland), Let's Be Birds, Let’s Be Birds, Billboard (If I'm Honest), Focus, Ohio, Hey There Delilah, She Ain't Got a Thing, Billboard (If I’m Honest), Open Book, All of Me, Rumors, Stay with Me, Broke Billionaire, Faces on Film, Magic Bullet, You're Perfect, I Know What You Did Last Summer, You & I, Your Body Is a Wonderland, Shame on You, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (John Mayer cover), Marvins Room (Drake cover), This, Heartbeat, Bury Our Love, Levitate, Jaded Love, Why Can't We All Just Get Along, Hold on Honey, You Told Me so, Love Slow, Why?, Focus - Rufus Dipper Remix, Black and Blue, "Hey There Delilah" Plain White Tees, Let's Be Birds (Robin Grubert Mix) [Bonus Track], Jacob Whitesides "Tenerife Sea" Ed Sheeran cover, Jacob Whitesides "Your Body Is A Wonderland" John Mayer cover, Jacob Whitesides "Let Her Go" Passenger cover, Jacob Whitesides "This" Ed Sheeran cover, Jacob Whitesides "Stay With Me" Sam Smith cover, Jacob Whitesides "Kiss Me" Ed Sheeran cover, Cherry Wine, Tenerife Sea, Let's Be Birds - Robin Grubert Mix, Baby It's Cold Outside, Focus (Rufus Dipper Remix), Jacob Whitesides & Bea Miller- Love Yourself, Let's Be Birds - Robin Grubert Mix [Bonus Track], One (Ed Sheeran cover), Jacob Whitesides "Little Things" One Direction cover, Hozier- Cherry Wine, The Letter, Don't (Ed Sheeran cover), All of Me / Rain & Thunder, Baby It's Cold Outside (feat. Orion Carloto), Jacob Whitesides & Bea Miller- Wine We Drink cover, Let's Be Birds (Robin Grubert Mix), They Don't Know About Us (Cover), Lovesick - NOW What's Next!, Jacob Whitesides 'Hey There Delilah', Hold on We're Going Home, Lovesick (NOW What's Next!), Best, Thinking Out Loud, Focus (feat. Paula Rojo), Mistletoe, You and I, Rumours, Jacob Whitesides- One (Ed Sheeran cover), Lets Be Birds, They Don't Know About Us, Not My Type At All (Rainy Mood), One (originally by Ed Sheeran), Let's Be Birds Lyrics (A Piece Of Me), Billboard, Jacob Whitesides- Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean cover), Let's Be Birds (Robin Grubert Mix [Bonus Track]), Stormy Days (cover), You Are Mine, Let's Be Birds (Robin Grubert Mix) (Bonus Track), Jacob Whitesides & Bea Miller- Love Your, Cherry Wine (Cover), Still Into You (cover), Lovesick (Now What's Next Bonus Track), Not My Type At All (Lyric Video), She's Not You- Jacob Whitesides, Love Sick (Flush Remix), Jacob's Secret #5, Small Bump (Ed Sheeran cover), I won Give Up, White Christmas- Whitesides x Spencer