J. Cole

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Nigga, fuck J. Cole Nigga, fuck J. Cole Yeah, fuck J. Cole Yeah, fuck J. Cole Nigga, fuck J. Cole Nigga, fuck J. Cole You is a bitch ass nigga You is a ugly ass nigga You is a bitch ass nigga You is a ugly ass nigga Jermaine Lamarr Cole (born January 28, 1985 in Frankfurt, Germany), better known simply as J. Cole, is an American rapper and producer from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is best known for being the first artist to be signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation after Jay heard his single Lights Please. He released his debut mixtape The Come Up in 2007 and followed this up with 2009's The Warm Up and 2010's Friday Night Lights. Songfacts reports that he dropped his first official single

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J. Cole, Lights Please, I Get Up, Lights Please (Clean Album Version), Work Out, Power Trip, No Role Modelz, Wet Dreamz, In The Morning, G.O.M.D., Apparently, Intro, She Knows, Crooked Smile, Who Dat (Explicit Version), A Tale of 2 Citiez, Blow Up, Fire Squad, January 28th, Love Yourz, Work Out - Explicit Version, 03' Adolescence, Villuminati, Who Dat (Clean Version), Land of the Snakes, Deja Vu, Rich Niggaz, St. Tropez, Trouble, Forbidden Fruit, Hello, Let Nas Down, Mo Money (Interlude), Can't Get Enough, Lost Ones, Runaway, Kerney Sermon (Skit), Neighbors, Chaining Day, Miss America, Immortal, Cole World, Ain't That Some Shit (Interlude), Where's Jermaine? (Skit), Sideline Story, Dollar And A Dream III, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Note to Self, Niggaz Know, Who Dat, Higher, Rise And Shine, Nobody's Perfect, Change, Is She Gon Pop, Ville Mentality, Born Sinner, God's Gift, Never Told, Interlude, We On, Breakdown, She's Mine Pt. 1, Can't Get Enough (feat. Trey Songz), Foldin Clothes, Before I'm Gone, Mr. Nice Watch, Can't Get Enough featuring Trey Songz - Explicit Version, Nobody's Perfect (feat. Missy Elliott), Power Trip (feat. Miguel), 4 Your Eyez Only, Premeditated Murder, In the Morning (feat. Drake), Villematic, Too Deep for the Intro, Nobody's Perfect featuring Missy Elliott - Explicit Version, Lights Please - Explicit Version, Grown Simba, Home For The Holidays, She's Mine Pt. 2, New York Times, Mr. Nice Watch (feat. Jay-Z), 2Face, Can I Live, The Autograph, Sparks Will Fly, Dead Presidents II, Back to the Topic (freestyle), Cost Me A Lot, Best Friend, Welcome, Love Me Not, Friday Night Lights (Intro), Farewell, Dreams (Feat. Brandon Hines), Daddy's Little Girl, Can't Get Enough - Explicit Version, Forbidden Fruit (feat. Kendrick Lamar), See World