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Indiana es un projecto italiano eurodance, producido por Alex Bertagnini, Ciro Pisano, y Vito Ulivi. Indiana lanzo el single “All I Need Is Love”. Más tarde pasaron a llamarse Diana's por motivos de derechos musicales. Indiana es otro projecto eurodance de Ricky Mazzamauro, y Roby Colella. Indiana lanzo los singles “Together Again”, “Tears On My Face” y “I Wanna Be Loved”. 1. Lauren Henson (born 28 July 1987 in Nottingham, UK), better known by her stage name Indiana, is a British singer-songwriter. She is best known for her 2014 single "Solo Dancing", which reached the top 15 in the UK. Indiana grew an interest in writing her own music when she took possession of her mother's piano, and began to teach herself how to play it over time. Initially, she covered songs using chords found online, uploading several of these to YouTube.

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Indiana, Solo Dancing, Shadow Flash, Heart on Fire, Solo Dancing - Joe Goddard Remix, Bound, Mess Around, Smoking Gun, Blind as I Am, Never Born, Play Dead, Only the Lonely, No Romeo, Smoking Gun (Hucci Remix), Careless Whisper, Jack, Swim Good, New Heart, Calibrated Love, Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover), Animal, Gun (HU₵₵I Remix), Solo Dancing - Chris Lake Remix, Heart On Fire (SNBRN Remix), Solo Dancing (Joe Goddard Remix), Go Fast, Erase, Ink, Mess Around - Etherwood Remix, Breathe, Solo Dancing (Chris Lake Remix), Mess Around - Le Youth Remix, Jolene, Mess Around (Etherwood Remix), Heart on Fire - SNBRN Remix, Smoking Gun - Hucci Remix, Solo Dancing - KAOS Remix, Only the Lonely (Fred Falke remix), Solo Dancing (Radio Edit), All I Need Is Love, Heart on Fire - Grum Remix, Do You Hear Me, Only The Lonely (Kant Remix), Doll, In My Veins (Halo Remix), Ready For Your Love - Live at BBC Radio 1, Waves (feat. Rhodes) [Live], Heart on Fire - IYES Remix, I Was There, Smoking Gun (HU₵₵I Remix), Solo Dancing (KAOS Remix), Mess Around (Le Youth Remix), Solo Dancing - Seamus Haji Remix, Three Degrees, Smoking Gun (Hucci Remix) [Preview], Together again, Honey, Beautiful Day (Dreamfields 2012 Anthem) - Radio Edit, Believe, Heart On Fire (Grum remix), Mess Around - Raider Remix, Heart on Fire - Bobby Tank Remix, Indiana - Solo Dancing, Ready For Your Love in the Radio 1 Live Lounge, Do You Hear Me (Dino Lenny Mix), Heart On Fire (IYES Remix), Solo Dancing Joe Goddard Remix, Brother, Smoking Gun [Hucci Remix], Ready for Your Love (Live at BBC Radio 1), In My Veins (Kansai Remix), Only the Lonely (Fehrplay remix), My Eyes, Byron Bay, Tears on my face, Heart On Fire (Bobby Tank Remix), Ready For Your Love, Do You Hear Me (Art Of Trance Remix), Here I Am, Do You Hear Me - Original Mix, In My Veins (Greg Murray Remix), Beautiful Day (Dreamfields 2012 Anthem), Do You Hear Me (Dino Lenny's Original Mix), Welcome Into My World - Radio Edit, In My Veins (Adam Dived Remix), Lullaby, Tears on my face (I can see the rain), Mess Around (Raider Remix), Places, Do You Hear Me (Dino Lenny Remix), Caroline, Do You Hear Me (Classified Project Remix), Solo Dancing (Joe Goddard Remix Radio Edit), Tongue Tied, Solo Dancing - Joe Goddard Remix Radio Edit, Do You Hear Me (Classified Project Mix), Heart On Fire Grum Remix, Do you hear me - Classified project remix, Solo Dancing in the Live Lounge