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Existen dos bandas con el nombre Incubus: 1. Incubus se forma en un garaje de Calabasas, California en Enero de 1991. Empezaron tocando en pequeños clubes y fiestas, para saltar a telonear a todo un elenco de bandas consagradas como Primus En el año 1990 José Pasillas (Percusión) conoce a Mike Einzinger (Guitarrista) quien pasaba la mayor parte de su tiempo tocando guitarra y a Alex Katunick (Bajo) quien había participado en una banda de Jazz de la cual lo expulsan por no saber leer partituras. Incubus is a five-man alternative rock band formed in 1991, based in Calabasas, California. Members include Brandon Boyd (vocals and percussion), Mike Einziger (guitar), Ben Kenney (bass), Jose Pasillas II (drums) and DJ Chris Kilmore (turntables). Former members of the band include Gavin Koppel (a.k.a. DJ Lyfe) (turntables) and Alex Katunich (a.k.a. Dirk Lance) (bass). The band's name may seem a peculiar choice to fans, as an incubus is a type of demon that

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Incubus, Drive, Wish You Were Here, Anna Molly, Love Hurts, Pardon Me, Stellar, Dig, Nice To Know You, Megalomaniac, I Miss You, Warning, Aqueous Transmission, Echo, The Warmth, Circles, Make Yourself, Talk Shows on Mute, Oil And Water, Are You In?, Mexico, Just A Phase, Consequence, Nowhere Fast, Clean, Agoraphobia, Privilege, Under My Umbrella, Blood On The Ground, 11AM, When It Comes, Southern Girl, Here in My Room, Have You Ever, Light Grenades, Quicksand, Sick Sad Little World, Battlestar Scralatchtica, Out From Under, Diamonds And Coal, Rogues, A Kiss To Send Us Off, Paper Shoes, Beware! Criminal, A Certain Shade Of Green, Pistola, A Crow Left of the Murder, New Skin, Priceless, Made for TV Movie, Vitamin, Redefine, Pendulous Threads, Leech, Zee Deveel, Smile Lines, Idiot Box, Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song), Deep Inside, Glass, Favorite Things, Promises, Promises, Magic Medicine, Nebula, Are You In, I Wish You Were Here, You Will Be A Hot Dancer, Adolescents, Calgone, Pardon Me (acoustic), Hilikus, If Not Now, When?, Take Me to Your Leader, Earth To Bella (Part I), Black Heart Inertia, Friends And Lovers, Shaft, 11 am, Earth To Bella (Part II), Isadore, Thieves, Stellar (acoustic), Monuments and Melodies, In The Company Of Wolves, Trouble in 421, Crowded Elevator, Psychopsilocybin, The Original, Defiance, Look Alive, Medium, Admiration, Version, Sink Beneath the Line, Speak Free, The Answer, Pantomime, Neither of Us Can See, Make A Move