Herman's Hermits

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El grupo se forma a principios de los 60's con Keith Hopwood (guitarra), Karl Green (bajo), Derek "Lek" Leckenby (guitarra y voz), y Barry Bean Whitwam (batería) y luego se les unió Peter Noone (voz principal). A pesar de que Noone era el miembro más joven de la banda (16 años), tenía una gran experiencia como actor en la serie británica "Coronation Street". El grupo logra colocar rápidamente varios sencillos en las listas de popularidad tanto en Gran Bretaña como en Estados Unidos. Herman's Hermits was an internationally successful 60s British rock band, from Manchester, England, formed in 1963. Part of the British Invasion, their trademark simple, non-threatening, clean-cut "boys next door" image made them easier to listen to and more accessible than other British Invasion bands. Their first hit, "I'm Into Something Good", was produced by Mickie Most, reaching #1 in the UK (1963) and #13 in the US (1964). Other hits followed such as "Mrs.

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Herman's Hermits, No Milk Today, I'm Into Something Good, There's A Kind Of Hush, Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter, Silhouettes, Can't You Hear My Heartbeat, Wonderful World, A Must To Avoid, Dandy, Listen People, I'm Henry The VIII, I Am, Just A Little Bit Better, Sunshine Girl, My Sentimental Friend, Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter, End Of The World, Leaning On A Lamp Post, Hold On, This Door Swings Both Ways, Something Is Happening, I'm Henry The VIII I Am, There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World), No Milk Today - 2003 Remastered Version, Something's Happening, I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving, Sleepy Joe, East West, Museum, Show Me Girl, mrs brown, you've got a lovely daught, Sea Cruise, The End Of The World, There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World, I'm Henry VIII, Here Comes The Star, I'm Henery The Eighth I Am, You Won't Be Leaving, I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits), Years May Come, Years May Go, I'm Henry VIII, I Am, For Love, For Your Love, Can't You Hear My Heart Beat, It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning, I'm Into Something Good - 2008 Remastered Version, Where Were You When I Needed You, I Understand, Bus Stop, There's A Kind Of Hush All Over, Heartbeat, Moonshine Man, Your Hand In Mine, Henry The VIII, I Am, Bet Yer Life I Do, Dream On, I'm Henry the VIII, Don't Go Out Into the Rain, My Reservation's Been Confirmed, Years May Come Years May Go, The Man With the Cigar, The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life, Leaning On The Lamp Post, Lady Barbara, Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter (Re-Recorded / Remastered), I Know Why, I'll Never Dance Again, Gaslite Street, Walkin' With My Angel, Green Street Green, Don't Try to Hurt Me, Just One Girl, My Lady, No Milk Today - 2003 Digital Remaster, I’m Henry The VIII, I Am, Marcel's, All the Things I Do for You Baby, Jezebel, Dial My Number, Take Love Give Love, I Wonder, I'm Into Something Good (Rerecorded Version), Little Boy Sad, Nobody Needs to Know, There’s A Kind Of Hush, Tell Me Baby, Smile Please, Theres a kind of hush, There's A Kind Of Hush (Re-Recorded), There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) - 2003 Remastered Version, Silhouettes - 2008 Remastered Version, Travelin' Light, I'm Henry the Eighth I Am, ( What A) Wonderful World, The George And Dragon, Story Of My Life, Busy Line, No Milk Today (2003 Digital Remaster), I'm Henry VIII I Am