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Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (nacida el 29 de septiembre 1994), conocida por su nombre artístico Halsey, es un artista de la música femenina. Su nombre artístico es un anagrama de su nombre de pila. Ella es birracial, con un padre afroamericano y madre blanca. Halsey ha aparecido en algunas entrevistas y actuaciones, en la televisión y en línea, tales como Niños Bandas Entrevista, Vevo DSCVR, en vivo por SiriusXM y Last Call con Carson Daly. Halsey is the stage name of New Jersey native Ashley Frangipane. It is an anagram of her first name and reference to the Halsey Street subway stop and street in Brooklyn where she used to live. With over 14,000 friends on MySpace as a tween, she began posting covers of songs on YouTube. In 2012, she posted “The Haylor Song,” a parody of Taylor Swift’s hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble” that created controversy over the nature of the lyrics.

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Halsey, New Americana, Ghost, Colors, Hold Me Down, Hurricane, Castle, Drive, Gasoline, Control, Roman Holiday, Coming Down, Young God, Is There Somewhere, Haunting, Strange Love, I Walk the Line, Hurricane - Arty Remix, Colors pt. II, Empty Gold, Ghost - Lost Kings Remix, Trouble - Stripped, Colors - Audien Remix, Not Afraid Anymore, Trouble - Sander Kleinenberg Remix, Tokyo Narita - Freestyle, Colors - Stripped, Castle - The Huntsman: Winter’s War Version, Trouble, Ghost - Live From Spotify New York, NY / 2015, Ghost - Live From Spotify NYC, Trouble (Stripped), Colors, Pt. 2, Hurricane (Arty Remix), Colors - Sam Feldt Remix, Ghost (Lost Kings Remix), Hold Me Down - Live From Spotify New York, NY / 2015, Hold Me Down - Live From Spotify NYC, Is There Somewhere?, Hurricane - Live From Spotify New York, NY / 2015, Haunting - Live From Spotify New York, NY / 2015, Halsey, Hurricane - Live From Spotify NYC, Ghost - 1 Mic 1 Take, Haunting - Live From Spotify NYC, Colors (Stripped), Colors, Pt. II, Hurricane - 1 Mic 1 Take, Trouble - 1 Mic 1 Take, Colors - Blonde Remix, Colors (Audien Remix), Colors - Joel Fletcher & Nathan Thomson Remix, Castle (The Huntsman: Winter’s War Version), Is There Somewhere - Commentary, Ghost - Commentary, Hurricane - Commentary, Empty Gold - Commentary, Trouble - Stripped / Commentary, Trouble (Sander Kleinenberg Remix), Garden, Ghost (Daktyl Remix), Castle (The Huntsman: Winter's War Version), Ghost (1 Mic 1 Take), Hurricane (1 Mic 1 Take), Gasoline (Oscar's Remix), Trouble (1 Mic 1 Take), Gasoline [Explicit], Colors (Blonde Remix), Haunting (Original Mix), Ghost (Acoustic), Colors (Sam Feldt Remix), Ghost [Lost Kings Remix], SOS, HCD (coming down), Colors, Part 2, Wasting Time, Hurricane (TJANI Remix), Ghost - Alt. Mix, Gasoline feat. Gigi Hadid, Ghost (Alt. Mix), Hold Me Down (Audio), Ghost (Stripped), Colors (Joel Fletcher & Nathan Thomson Remix), Gasoline (Audio), Trouble (Stripped Audio), Castle [OST Белоснежка и Охотник 2] (2 часть трейлера №1), Young God [Explicit], Colors (Cover), Strange Love [Explicit], Castle (zaycev.net), Not Afraid Anymore [From "Fifty Shades Darker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"], colors (live), Ghost (Stripped Down Version), Hurricane - Vevo DSCVR, Is There Somewhere (Audio), Birthday (Katy Perry Cover), Borrowing, Colors Pt. 2, Drive (Official Instrumental)