Hail Mary Mallon

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Hail Mary Mallon is a hip-hop group formed in 2009 by Definitive Jux rapper/producers Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic and formerly DJ Big Wiz. Their first officially released track, "D-Up", was featured on the 2009 compilation Def Jux Presents... Vol. 4. Their debut album 'Are You Going To Eat That', was released on the 3rd of May 2011. Their name refers to Mary Mallon or "Typhoid Mary", the first known healthy carrier of typhoid fever in the United States

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Hail Mary Mallon, Krill, Whales, Jonathan, Church Pants, Garfield, Dollywood, Grubstake, Smock, Meter Feeder, Kiln, Breakdance Beach, Used Cars, 4Am, Table Talk, The Poconos, Knievel, The Soup, Mailbox Baseball, Hang Ten, Holy Driver, Merlin, Picture Day, Plagues and Bacon, Octoberfest, King Cone, The Red List, Horse Flakes (Bonus Track), Used Cars (Bonus Track) - Edison Remix, The Red List (Bonus Track) - Blockhead Remix, Grubstake [Explicit], Meter Feeder [Explicit], Breakdance Beach [Explicit], The Poconos [Explicit], Table Talk [Explicit], Mailbox Baseball [Explicit], Holy Driver [Explicit], Plagues and Bacon [Explicit], D-Up, Jonathan - Instrumental Version, D-Up (Bonus Track), Used Cars (Edison Remix) (Bonus Track), Krill - Instrumental Version, The Red List (Blockhead Remix) (Bonus Track), Used Cars (Bonus Track) (Edison Remix), The Red List (Bonus Track) (Blockhead Remix), Used Cars - Instrumental Version, Dollywood - Instrumental Version, The Soup - Instrumental Version, Whales - Instrumental Version, 4AM - Instrumental Version, D-Up (feat. Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz), Hang Ten - Instrumental Version, Picture Day - Instrumental Version, Merlin - Instrumental Version, Kiln - Instrumental Version, Horse Flakes, Octoberfest - Instrumental Version, King Cone - Instrumental Version, The Red List - Instrumental Version, Meter Feeder (Blockhead Remix), Used Cars (Edison Remix) [Bonus Track], Garfield (Edison's Bent Back Remix), The Red List (Blockhead Remix) [Bonus Track], Horse Flakes [Bonus Track], Used Cars (Bonus Track) [Edison Remix], Bestiary (Full Album Stream), The Red List (Bonus Track) [Blockhead Remix], Used Cars (Edison Remix), The Red List (Blockhead Remix), Smock (Live From The Burgundy Camry), 03 - Grubstake, Used Cars (Bonus Track), 05 - Smock, The Red List (Bonus Track), 07 - Breakdance Beach, 04 - Meter Feeder, 06 - The Poconos, Jonathan (Instrumental Version), Jonathan [Explicit], 4 A.M., 10 - Holy Driver, Krill [Explicit], 11 - Knievel, Krill (Instrumental Version), Octoberfest [Explicit], The Soup [Explicit], Whales (Official Video), Whales [Explicit], The Red List [Explicit], Smock - Clean, Used Cars [Explicit], King Cone [Explicit], Used Cars (Bonus Track) (Edison Remix) [Explicit], Smock (Aesop Rock, Dj Big Wiz, Rob Sonic), Whales (Instrumental Version), Dollywood [Explicit], The Red List (Bonus Track) (Blockhead Remix) [Explicit], Church Pants - Clean