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Goldfrapp es un dúo inglés de música electrónica y experimental, conformado por Alison Goldfrapp (voz y sintetizador) y Will Gregory (sintetizador). El grupo se formó el año 1999 en Londres. Cánticos, bajos rugosos y potentes, atmósferas sensuales y orquestación son los rasgos mas señalables de sus canciones. El primer sencillo de Golfrapp fue "Lovely Head", adelanto de "Felt Mountain" (2001), que cosechó gran crítica y fue considerado uno de los mejores discos del año por infinidad de revistas y medios especializados Goldfrapp is an electronic music duo, formed in 1999 in London, England, and made up of Alison Goldfrapp (vocals, songwriter) and Will Gregory (songwriter, producer). Their musical style has changed over time, from a cinematic trip-hop sound, through electropop, to a glam rock influenced sound, folktronica and 80's synthpop. The majority of the band's songs are composed by Alison and Will, although they have collaborated with session musician Nick Batt several times.

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Goldfrapp, Ooh La La, Strict Machine, Lovely Head, A&E, Ride a White Horse, Happiness, Train, Black Cherry, Utopia, Number 1, Fly Me Away, Clowns, Crystalline Green, Pilots, Road to Somewhere, Little Bird, Rocket, Lovely 2 C U, Eat Yourself, Caravan Girl, Cologne Cerrone Houdini, Hairy Trees, Let It Take You, Satin Chic, Slide In, Deer Stop, Paper Bag, Some People, Human, Deep Honey, Forever, You Never Know, Tiptoe, Koko, Twist, Monster Love, Felt Mountain, Time Out from the World, Horse Tears, Oompa Radar, Slippage, Believer, Alive, Annabel, Beautiful, Dreaming, Jo, Head First, Drew, Shiny and Warm, Hunt, I Wanna Life, Utopia (New Ears Mix), Voicething, Thea, Alvar, Ulla, Stranger, Simone, Utopia (Genetically Enriched), Laurel, Clay, Slide In (DFA Remix), Anymore, Melancholy Sky, Satin Chic (Bombay Mix by The Shortwave Set), U Never Know, Strict Machine (Single Mix), Pilots (On a Star), Yes Sir, U.K. Girls (Physical), Yellow Halo, Lovely Head (Miss World mix), Ride A White Horse (Single Version), Strict Machine - Single Mix, Systemagic, Ride a White Horse (FK-EK vocal version), Number 1 (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Main Remix), Utopia (Plaid Remix), Ooh La La (single version), Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (When Andy Bell Met the Manhatten Clique Mix), Ocean, Moon In Your Mouth, Tigerman, Hairy Trees (Live In London), A&E (Gui Boratto Remix), Ooh La La (Benny Benassi remix extended), Become the One, Fly Me Away (C2 Remix 4), Twist (single mix), Ride a White Horse (Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Part 1), Lovely 2 C U (T.Raumschmiere Remix), Faux Suede Drifter, Human (Masseys Cro-Magnon Mix), Deer Stop (Live), Happiness (Single Version), You Never Know (Mum Remix), Ooh La La (Phones Re-edit)