Go West

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Go West. son un duo pop inglés, formado en 1982, por Peter Cox (nacido el 17 de Noviembre de 1955, en Twickenham, London, England); y Richard Drummie (nacido el 20 de Marzo de 1959, en Twickenham, London, England). Su primer hits fue "We close our eyes" en 1985 junto con el tema "Call me". Han sido conocidos por sus hits "King of Wishful Thinking" de la pelicula Pretty Woman y "Faithful". En 1988 incluyeron un simple en la banda sonora de la pelicula A Nightmare On Elm St Part 4: The Dream Master; titulado "Dont Be Afraid of Your Dreams" Go West are a British pop group. The duo formed in London, UK in 1982, with Peter Cox and Richard Drummie. Go West quickly had a publishing deal and possessed a portastudio, but lacked a band or recording company. Peter and Richard decided, with support from John Glover, their manager, to find a musical producer, and record just two of their songs. The tracks We Close Our Eyes and Call Me found Go West developing a record deal with Chrysalis Records. The songwriting duo specialised in radio friendly, white soul sounds.

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