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Elgin Baylor Lumpkin (nacido el 15 de octubre de 1970 en Washington DC), conocido profesionalmente como Ginuwine, es un cantante afroamericano de R&B y en ocasiones, actor. Firmado por Epic Records desde mediados de la década de los 90, Ginuwine ha grabado un gran número de exitosos álbumes y singles, convirtiéndose en uno de los artistas de R&B de más éxito. Elgin Baylor Lumpkin better known by his stage name Ginuwine is an American singer and performer. Signed to Epic Records since the mid-1990s, Ginuwine has released a number of multi-platinum and platinum-selling albums and singles, becoming one of R&B's top artists during the 1990s heyday of hip-hop soul. Ginuwine can be spotted in one of Jodeci's videos. There, he met rapper Missy Elliott and producer "Timbaland", who became his main collaborators through the 1990s.

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Ginuwine, Pony, Differences, In Those Jeans, So Anxious, Stingy, Same Ol' G, Pony (album version), Love You More, When Doves Cry, Tell Me Do U Wanna, When We Make Love, What's So Different, None Of Ur Friends Business, What's So Different?, Pony (Extended Mix), In Those Jeans (Radio Edit), Last Chance, Hell Yeah, I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry, I'm In Love, Wait A Minute, There It Is, Two Sides To A Story, Pony [Album Version], Only When Ur Lonely, Holler, Lonely Daze, I Know, Little Kidz, Hello, No. 1 Fan, I'm Crying Out, So Fine, Just Because, Intro, How Deep Is Your Love, I'm Feelin' You, Pony - Single Version, Little Man's Bangin' Lude, Superhuman, Pony - Extended Mix, Bedda Man, Betta Half, Tribute To A Woman, Do You Remember, Simply Irresistible, 2 Way, Want U To Be, Oh Girl, Toe 2 Toe, She's Out Of My Life, All Nite All Day, Role Play, Locked Down, One Time For Love, Take A Chance, World Is So Cold, Pony (Viceroy "Jet Life" Remix), She's Like, Glaze In My Eye, Ginuwine 4 ur Mind, Two Reasons I Cry, Pony (Ride It Mix), Secrets, Far Away, Why Not Me, Extended Mix, Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix), Heaven, Open Arms, Show Off, Our First Born, What Could Have Been, Open The Door, Ride It Mix, Black Market Slowdown, Even When I'm Mad, Orchestra, 550 What?, Christmas Day, Show After The Show, On My Way, Lying To Each Other, Back 2 Da Basics, Touch Me, Interlude, Pony (eSenTRIK Remix), My Pony, Get Involved, Show Me The Way, In Those Jeans - Radio Edit, Used To Be The One, The Best Man I Can Be, Body, Thank You's, G Thang, The Club, Pony (1996)