Gavin DeGraw

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DeGraw se dio a conocer en 2003, con el lanzamiento de su álbum debut, “Chariot”, del que se vendieron más de un millón de copias y ganar la certificación de platino, con los tres sencillos de Chariot: "I don’t want to be", "Follow through", y el título del disco, "Chariot". La canción, I Don't Want to Be, fue elegida como el tema principal en la serie de televisión “One Tree Hill”. Gavin también ha hecho numerosas apariciones en televisión como en “The Late Show” con David Letterman Gavin Shane DeGraw (born February 4, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter from South Fallsburg, New York. DeGraw began singing and playing piano at the age of eight and attended Berklee College of Music during the same year as artist John Mayer. In 2001, DeGraw released his first album independently named Gavin Live. In 2003, his first major studio album was released, entitled Chariot, on July 22nd. He released Chariot Stripped a year later, an album with the same songs, but the instruments brought down to a minimum.

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Gavin DeGraw, I Don't Want to Be, Chariot, Follow Through, In Love with a Girl, Not Over You, More Than Anyone, Just Friends, Belief, Meaning, Crush, Chemical Party, Soldier, (Nice to Meet You) Anyway, We Belong Together, Over-rated, Sweeter, I Don't Wanna Be, Best I Ever Had, Cheated on Me, Run Every Time, She Holds a Key, Stay, I Have You to Thank, I Don't Want To Be (Live), Next to Me (Wait a Minute Sister), Young Love, Cop Stop, Candy, Chariot - Stripped Version, Where You Are, Untamed, Relative, Dancing Shoes, Stealing, You Know Where I'm At, Radiation, Medicate the Kids, Let It Go, Glass, Indian Summer, FREE, Lover Be Strong, Spell It Out, Why Do The Men Stray, Mountains To Move, Jealous Guy, Nice to Meet You Anyway, Make a Move, Waterfall, Fire, Jealous Guy - Acoustic, The Christmas Song, Who's Gonna Save Us, She Sets the City on Fire, I Don't Want To Be (Stripped Version), Chariot (Rolling Stone Original), Follow Through (Stripped Version), I Don't Want To Be (Radio Edit), Meaning (Stripped Version), Change is Gonna Come, Finest Hour, You Got Me, Jealous Guy - Acoustic Album Version, Follow Through (Rolling Stone Original), Jealous Guy (Acoustic) (Album Version), Dreams, (Nice To Meet You) Anyway - Stripped Version, W.B.T., Jealous Guy - Acoustic Album Version, I Don't Want To Be (Rolling Stone Original), Belief (Rolling Stone Original), Everything Will Change, Belief - Stripped Version, I'm Gonna Try, I Don't Want To Be - Stripped Version, Need, We Are The Champions, Heartbreak, Get Lost, Making Love With The Radio On, Every Little Bit, Overrated, Chariot (Stripped Version), Kite Like Girl, Follow Through - Stripped Version, Different for Girls, Anyway, Silver Bells, Leading Man, Chemical Party (Stripped Version), Hallelujah, Against All Odds, Change Is Gonna Come - Stripped Version, Follow Through (radio edit), Just Friends - Stripped Version, Something Worth Saving, I Don't Want To Be - Radio Edit, Meaning - Stripped Version