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Butch Vig, productor de discos tan influyentes como Nevermind de Nirvana y Siamese Dream de Smashing Pumpkins decidió que quería formar un grupo, de modo que pidió a sus compañeros productores Marker y Erikson que se unieran a él. Después de que el grupo viera a Shirley Manson en MTV (Shirley participó en otros proyectos como Goodbye, Mr. MacKenzie y Angelfish), le pidieron que se uniera al grupo. Su nombre proviene, aparentemente, del "sonido basura" de sus canciones. Garbage is a Scottish-American alternative rock band formed in 1994 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The group members are Shirley Manson (vocals, guitars), Steve Marker (guitars, keyboards), Duke Erikson (guitars, keyboards, bass), and Butch Vig (drums, percussion). Erikson, Marker and Vig are also producers and remixers (Vig is best known for producing Nirvana's Nevermind). To date, the band sold over 17 million albums worldwide. Initially, Garbage was an informal jam session between the three producers held in Marker's basement.

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Garbage, Only Happy When It Rains, Stupid Girl, I Think I'm Paranoid, Push It, Queer, When I Grow Up, Special, The World Is Not Enough, Milk, You Look So Fine, #1 Crush, Vow, Why Do You Love Me, Temptation Waits, Supervixen, Androgyny, Bleed Like Me, Shut Your Mouth, Medication, As Heaven Is Wide, The Trick Is to Keep Breathing, Not My Idea, A Stroke of Luck, Dog New Tricks, Run Baby Run, My Lover's Box, Sleep Together, Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!), Fix Me Now, Hammering in My Head, Dumb, Wicked Ways, Bad Boyfriend, Cherry Lips, Cup of Coffee, It's All Over But the Crying, Breaking Up the Girl, Sex Is Not the Enemy, Silence Is Golden, Metal Heart, Right Between the Eyes, Nobody Loves You, Drive You Home, Parade, Blood for Poppies, Boys Wanna Fight, Untouchable, Can't Cry These Tears, Happy Home, Why Don't You Come Over, So Like a Rose, Til the Day I Die, Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go), Not Your Kind of People, Automatic Systematic Habit, Tell Me Where It Hurts, Control, I think I´m paranoid, Big Bright World, I Hate Love, Felt, Battle in Me, Sugar, Sleep, Man on a Wire, Beloved Freak, I'm Only Happy When It Rains, I Just Wanna Have Something to Do, Girl Don't Come, Empty, Why Do You Love Me?, It's All Over But the Crying (Remix), What Girls Are Made Of, Milk (The Classic Mix Massive Attack), I Would Die For You, Subhuman, The One, Sometimes, Bright Tonight, Even Though Our Love Is Doomed, Show Me, Blackout, Thirteen, Trip My Wire, Kick My Ass, Butterfly Collector, Bad Boyfriend (Garbage Remix), If I Lost You, Night Drive Loneliness, Afterglow, Magnetized, Alien Sex Fiend, Nobody Can Win, Till The Day I Die, Driving Lesson, Deadwood, Lick the Pavement, We Never Tell