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Foals es una banda de math-rock con claras influencias de rock alternativo e indie rock de Oxford, Reino Unido formada en el año 2005. Sus singles Hummer y Cassius son dos cartas de presentación de excepción a su debut Antidotes lanzado el 24 de marzo de 2008 en el Reino Unido por Transgressive Records y el 8 de abril en EE.UU por Sub Pop y que ha sido ya editado en tres versiones distintas. El álbum iba a ser producido originalmente por Foals are a rock band which formed in Oxford, England in 2005. The band consists of Yannis Philippakis (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Smith (guitar), Walter Gervers (bass), Edwin Congreave (keyboards) and Jack Bevan (drums). The band has released four albums: "Antidotes" (2008), "Total Life Forever" (2010), "Holy Fire" (2013) and "What Went Down" (2015). The band was formed in 2005 by Philippakis and Bevan, both former members of math rock band The Edmund Fitzgerald, and Andrew Mears of Youthmovies.

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Foals, My Number, Cassius, Spanish Sahara, Balloons, Olympic Airways, The French Open, Big Big Love (Fig. 2), Inhaler, Electric Bloom, Miami, Blue Blood, Hummer, Two Steps, Twice, Heavy Water, Like Swimming, Late Night, Total Life Forever, This Orient, Tron, Black Gold, Mountain At My Gates, Bad Habit, Red Socks Pugie, After Glow, Fugue, Alabaster, Prelude, 2 Trees, Out of The Woods, Everytime, What Went Down, What Remains, Milk & Black Spiders, Providence, Stepson, Moon, Mathletics, Red Sock Pugie, Birch Tree, Give It All, London Thunder, Night Swimmers, Albatross, A Knife In The Ocean, Snake Oil, Lonely Hunter, Astronauts 'n All, Dearth, Brazil Is Here!, Astronauts and All, Big Big Love (Fig. 1), Try This On Your Piano, Look at My Furrows of Worry, Electric Bloom (Strings Strange mixed by Feelms), XXXXX (Live At Liars Club, Nottingham, Feb 10th 2007), The French Open (Live at Liars Club, Nottingham, Feb 10th 2007), Balloons (Live at Liars Club, Nottingham, Feb 10th 2007), Two Steps Twice (Live at Liars Club, Nottingham, Feb 10th 2007), Balloons (Radio Edit), Mathletics (Live at Liars Club, Nottingham, Feb 10th 2007), Big Big Love (Fig.2), Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie remix), Bloo Blood 2, TLF, Bloo Blood, Two Trees, The Forked Road, Balloons - Single version, TLF 2, TLF 3, TLF 4, Red Sox Pugie, Late Night (Koreless Purple Cowboy Remix), TLF 5, A Song For You, The Race For Radio Supremacy, Spanish Sahara (Sonar), Black Gold 2, The Chronic, Remains, Two Trees 2, Alabastr, Wear & Tear, Late Night (Solomun Remix), Gold Gold Gold, Black Gold //, Bad Habit (Alex Metric Remix), Olympic Airways (diskJokke remix), Astronauts & All, Red Sox Pugie - Henrik Schwartz remix, Big Big Love (Fig #1), Tron (Is A Great Film), Night Swimmers - Mura Masa Edit, Titan Arum, My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix), What Went Down - Bandwidth Remix, ----, Hummer (Bonus Track)