Five Star

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Five Star, a five-piece British dance pop group inspired by funky soul, is internationally famous for a run of success in the 80s. They released three platinum selling albums from 1985 to 1987. Their flashy, self-made costumes and energetic dance routines appealed well to the surging new wave movement. Five Star are siblings Deniece (later to be called 'Denise') Pearson (lead vocals/song writer), Stedman Pearson (costume designer), Lorraine Pearson (spokesperson & song writer)

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Five Star, Rain or Shine, System Addict, The Slightest Touch, All Fall Down, Can't Wait Another Minute, Find The Time, Let Me Be The One, Stay Out Of My Life, Love Take Over, Whenever You're Ready, If I Say Yes, Strong As Steel, Another Weekend, R.S.V.P., Somewhere Somebody, Rock My World, There's A Brand New World, With Every Heartbeat, Hide And Seek, Please Don't Say Goodnight, Show Me What You've Got For Me, Crazy, Are You Man Enough?, Don't You Know I Love It, The Slightest Touch (The Pettibone Touch Remix), Treat Me Like a Lady, Winning, Say Goodbye, Made Out Of Love, Now I'm In Control, Can't wait another minute (12" mix), Slightest Touch, Ain't Watcha Do, Shine, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Knock Twice, Hard Race, Let Me Be Yours, The Love You Bring To Me, Read Between The Lines, The Writing On The Wall, You Should Have Waited, Are You Really The One, Something About My Baby, Rain Or Shine (Remix), Godsend, Live Giving Love, Someone's in Love, Surely, Physical Attraction, Rain Or Shine - Remix, Free Time, I Wish Me You, Funktafied, Rescue Me, Got A Lot Of Love, Hung Up, Tell Me What You Want, Hot Love, I Can Show You Love, What About Me Baby?, I Get Such A High, The Slightest Touch - Shep Pettibone 7", Going With The Moment, I Give You Give, Five Star - Rain Or Shine, Find The Time (Midnight Mix), Eyes Don't Lie, The Slightest Touch - The Pettibone Touch Remix, Don't Let Me Be The Lonely One, Love Games, I Really Did It This Time, System Addict (M&M Remix), The Slightest Touch (Shep Pettibone 7"), Some Kind Of Magic, I Give You Give - Remix, Come To Me (For Love), Another Weekend (Friday Night Mix), One Way Mirror, System Addict (Shanghai Surprise Radio Edit), System Addict (Shanghai Surpri, Feel Much Better, I'm Still Waiting, Feelings, RSVP, When You Get Home, Lost In You, Show Me, Hide and Seek - Extended Dance Mix, All Fall Down - Full Length Version, The Start Of Forever, Love Can't Wait, Crazy - 12" Version, Right Over, Get A Life Together, Let Me Be The One (Philadelphia Remix), If I Say Yes (Extended Mix), System Addict - 2008 Remix