Feed Me

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Jon Gooch , más comúnmente conocido por su nombre Spor y Feed Me , es un productor y DJ de drum & bass , electro house y dubstep proveniente de Hertfordshire , Inglaterra . There is more than one artist called Feed Me. 1) Feed Me is Jon Gooch (AKA Spor)'s electro house project. The first release by Feed Me was 'Mordez Moi', on Noisia's Division label, the second was 'The Spell / Raw Chicken' released on Mau5trap. After completing a stack of remixes for the likes of Gorillaz, Chase & Status and Chris Lake, Feed Me released his much anticipated 'Feed Me's Big Adventure EP' (also on Mau5trap) exclusively to Beatport on Christmas Day 2010.

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Feed Me, Mordez Moi, Love Is All I Got, One Click Headshot, Blood Red - Original Mix, Strange Behaviour - Original Mix, Grand Theft Ecstasy - Original Mix, Pink Lady - Original Mix, Love Is All I Got - Original Mix, Muscle Rollers - Original Mix, Cloudburn - Original Mix, Rat Trap, Blood Red, Trapdoor - Original Mix, Silicone Lube - Original Mix, Love Is All I Got - Friction Remix, Little Cat Steps - Original Mix, Death By Robot - Original Mix, Whiskers - Original Mix, Green Bottle - Original Mix, Lonely Mountain, To The Stars - Original Mix, White Spirit - Original Mix, Grand Theft Ecstasy, Relocation - Original Mix, Orion, Ebb & Flow, Raw Chicken, Silicone Lube, Pink Lady, Talk To Me - Original Mix, White Spirit, The Spell, Relocation, No Grip, Dazed, Embers - Original Mix, Chinchilla, Talk to Me, Death By Robot, Fiasco, Short Skirt, Strange Behaviour, Green Bottle, Trichitillomania - Original Mix, Chain Smoker - Original Mix, To the Stars, Onstuh, In The Bin, Ophelia, Trichitillomania, Cloudburn, Gravel - Original Mix, Grand Theft Ecstasy (Original Mix), High Noon, Blood Red (Original Mix), Chain Smoker, Patience, Silicone Lube (Original Mix), Without Gravity, Green Bottle (Original Mix), White Spirit (Original Mix), What It Feels Like, Cloudburn (Original Mix), Cloudburn (feat. Tasha Baxter), Talk To Me (Original Mix), Love Is All I Got - Feed Me's Matilda Remix, Spilt Milk, Whiskers, Dialup Days - Original Mix, Little Cat Steps (Original Mix), The Spell (Original Mix), The Spell - Original Mix, Last Requests, Different World, One Click Headshot (Original Mix), TrapDoor (feat. Hadouken!), Alarm Clock, Time for Myself, Embers (feat. Lindsay), Trapdoor (Original Mix), Strange Behaviour (ft. Tasha Baxter), Cott's Face - Original Mix, Strange Behaviour (feat. Tasha Baxter), High Speed Weekend Survivor, Cott's Face, Love Is All I Got - Larse Remix, Muscle Rollers (feat. Kill The Noise), Strange Behaviour - feat. Tasha Baxter, Wuzzle, Cloudburn (ft. Tasha Baxter), Death By Robot (Original Mix), Pink Lady (Original Mix), Red Clouds (Serious Ting), Strange Behaviour ((feat. Tasha Baxter)), Love Is All I Got - Alex Light Remix, Existential Crisis, Jodie, Gravel