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Elliot John Gleave, mejor conocido como Example, es un rapero británico unido a la disquera Sony. Su nombre de Example se originó porque las letras iniciales de sus nombres son E.G (Elliot Gleave) que es una abreviación de "For Example". Example realizó un remake de la canción de Lily Allen "Smile". En 2006 lanzó su primer single "What We Made", seguido de "You Can't Rap". En 2009 Example lanzó el primer sencillo de su segundo álbum, "Watch The Sun Come Up", siendo un hit moderado en Reino Unido. There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Example is a rapper from Fulham, West London in the United Kingdom. Formerly signed to The Beats label run by Mike Skinner (The Streets) 2) Example is also an underground hiphop duo from Houston, Texas. 1. Example's birth name is Elliot Gleave. According to the Kickstarts Songfacts, Gleave's performing name goes back to his schooldays when he was rapping in the playground and some guy nicknamed him Example from his initials EG.

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Example, Changed The Way You Kiss Me, Kickstarts, Watch The Sun Come Up, Stay Awake, Kickstarts (Radio Edit), Won't Go Quietly, Midnight Run, Won't Go Quietly (Radio Edit), Kickstarts (Bar 9 Remix), Last Ones Standing, So Many Roads, Me & Mandy, Playing in the Shadows, The Way, Never Had a Day, One More Day (Stay With Me), Microphone, Two Lives, From Space, Under the Influence, Something In The Water, Time Machine, Wrong in the Head, Anything, Sick Note, Dirty Face, Kickstarts - Radio Edit, Millionaires, Perfect Replacement, Skies Don't Lie, Kickstarts (BAR9 Remix), Won't Believe The Fools, Say Nothing, See The Sea, Kids Again (Radio Edit), All the Wrong Places (Radio Edit), Close Enemies, Changed the Way You Kissed Me, Natural Disaster (Laidback Luke Vs. Example), Midnight Run (Flux Pavilion Remix), Lying to Yourself, Last Ones Standing (Doctor P Remix), Watch The Sun Come Up (fred falke remix), Shot Yourself In The Foot Again, You Can't Rap, Kickstarts (Afrojack Remix), Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Radio Edit), Come Taste The Rainbow, Won't Go Quietly (Wire Remix), Queen Of Your Dreams, Whisky Story, Dirty Face (Benga Remix), Crying Out For Help, Skies Don’t Lie, The Evolution Of Man, Hooligans (VIP Mix), I Don't Want To, All My Lows, One Way Mirror, Snakeskin, 10 Million People, Watch The Sun Come Up (Joker & Ginz Remix), Say Nothing - Radio Edit, Blood From A Stone, No Sleep For The Wicked, Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Mensah Remix), Girl Can't Dance (Radio Edit) [Bonus Track], Are You Sitting Comfortably?, Milk Your Goat, Birthday Card, Say Nothing (Hardwell & Dannic Remix), Wont Go Quietly, Hooligans Ft. Don Diablo (VIP Mix), All the Wrong Places, Posh Birds, Popcorn & Fisticuffs, Stay Awake (Alvin Risk Remix), Care 4 U, Won't Go Quietly - Radio Edit, Last Ones Standing (TC Remix), Really Sorry, Only human, Today I Met Myself, Next Year, Kids Again, Won't Go Quietly (Wideboys Stadium Remix), Girl Can't Dance (Chase & Status Remix), What We Made, Change The Way You Kiss Me, Natural Disaster - Laidback Luke vs. Example - Album Extended, Two Lives (Wez Clarke Remix), Watch The Sun Come Up (Joker and Ginz Remix), Lying to Yourself (Bonus Track), Changed the Way You Kiss Me (Extended Mix), Take Me as I Am, Say Nothing - Hardwell & Dannic Remix, Later, LOUd