Erykah Badu

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Erykah Badu, cantante de neo soul, nacida el 26 de febrero de 1971 en Dallas (Texas). Creció escuchando el soul de los '70 y comenzó a vivir el hip hop de los '80, pero también está muy influida por grandes del jazz como Billie Holiday. Su verdadero nombre es Erica Wright, y cursó estudios en una escuela de arte, y años después estuvo un tiempo dedicada a la docencia, hasta que en 1994 apareció en un show de D'Angelo. El manager de D'angelo Erykah Badu (born Erica Abi Wright on February 26, 1971 in Dallas, Texas) is an American R'n'B/neo-soul artist whose work crosses over into jazz. She is best known for her singles You Got Me her collaboration with The Roots, as well as her own songs Tyrone, Love of My Life, On & On, Bag Lady, The Healer, Honey and Soldier. Her lyrics are highly personal urban philosophy which throw emotional challenges in the face of the listener. She weaves unusual musical influences together creating a rich texture of sound.

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Erykah Badu, On & On, Window Seat, Next Lifetime, Certainly, Didn't Cha Know, The Healer, Appletree, Bag Lady, Soldier, 4 Leaf Clover, Rimshot (Intro), No Love, Drama, Me, Amerykahn Promise, Booty, Cleva, Gone Baby, Don't Be Long, Otherside of the Game, Certainly (Flipped It), In Love With You, My Life, My People, Penitentiary Philosophy, The Cell, Other Side Of The Game, Honey, Orange Moon, 20 Feet Tall, Agitation, Umm Hmm, Green Eyes, Kiss Me On My Neck (Hesi), A.D. 2000, Telephone, Fall In Love (Your Funeral), Rimshot (Outro), That Hump, Twinkle, Sometimes..., Sometimes (mix #9), I Want You, Love, Woo, Time's a Wastin, You Loving Me (Session), Master Teacher, Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY), Apple Tree, Danger, Hey Sugah, Out My Mind, Just In Time, Back in the Day (Puff), Think Twice, Afro (Freestyle skit), The Grind, Bump It, Sometimes, Back In The Day, ...& On, Tyrone, Love Of My Life Worldwide, Hello, Phone Down, Afro, ... & On, Incense, Tyrone (Extended Version), Ye Yo, Searching, Reprise, Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop), Stay, Cel U Lar Device, Next Lifetime (interlude), World Keeps Turnin' (Intro), Love Of My Life, Get MuNNY, Hollywood, On and On, No More Trouble, Sometimes - (Mix #9) Album Version, Caint Use My Phone (Suite), I'll Call U Back, Bonus Track, U Use To Call Me, World Keeps Turnin' (Outro), Hi, Tyrone - Live Version, Back in the Day (Puff) (feat. Lenny Kravitz), Incense (Feat. Kirsten Agnesta, Mr. Telephone Man, U Don’t Have to Call, Afro - (Freestyle Skit) Album Version, Boogie Nights/All Night, Outro-World Keeps Turnin', Think Twice (feat. Roy Hargrove), Time's A Wastin'