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ELBOW Inglaterra [Manchester] Guy Garvey: Voz Mark Potter: Guitarra Craig Potter: Teclado Pete Turner: Bajo Richard Jupp: Batería Elbow toman su nombre de una frase de The Singing Detective de Dennis Potter. Después de años trabajando sin parar en Manchester, Elbow había sido contratado por Island en 1998. Entonces en 1999, cuando se encerraron para completar su LP debut con Steve Osborne, Island compró su parte a Polygram y el grupo se cayó. Elbow is an alternative rock band that got started in Bury, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom in 1990. Formed when its members were in sixth-form college, the group consists of Guy Garvey (vocals, guitar), Mark Potter (guitar, vocals), Pete Turner (bass), Craig Potter (keyboards) and Richard Jupp (drums). Over the band's twenty plus year career, it has released six studio albums and four EPs while also having over five top 40 singles in the U.K. alone.

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Elbow, Grounds for Divorce, One Day Like This, Weather to Fly, Mirrorball, The Bones of You, Starlings, An Audience with the Pope, Friend of Ours, The Fix, The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver, Some Riot, Forget Myself, Lippy Kids, Station Approach, Leaders of the Free World, Fugitive Motel, Fallen Angel, The Birds, Any Day Now, The Stops, Switching Off, Mexican Standoff, With Love, Great Expectations, Red, Powder Blue, Ribcage, Open Arms, An Imagined Affair, New York Morning, Neat Little Rows, Grace Under Pressure, Jesus Is a Rochdale Girl, The Night Will Always Win, My Very Best, The Everthere, Picky Bugger, Puncture Repair, Not a Job, Newborn, I've Got Your Number, Asleep in the Back, High Ideals, Little Beast, The River, Buttons and Zips, Crawling with Idiot, Dear Friends, Scattered Black and Whites, Flying Dream 143, Don't Mix Your Drinks, The Birds (Reprise), Coming Second, Snooks (Progress Report), Bitten by the Tailfly, Charge, Fly Boy Blue / Lunette, This Blue World, Can't Stop, My Sad Captains, Presuming Ed (Rest Easy), Real Life (Angel), We're Away, Honey Sun, Magnificent (She Says), Colour Fields, Whisper Grass, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, The Blanket of Night, GENTLE STORM, Lay Down Your Cross, Lucky with Disease, We're Away [UK Bonus Track], Snowball, All Disco, Running to Stand Still, The Long War Shuffle, Lullaby, Every Bit the Little Girl, Trust the Sun, Love Blown Down, None One, McGreggor, Head for Supplies, Buffalo Ghosts, Waving from Windows, Firebrand & Angel, Gentle As, K2, Snooks, Little Fictions, Montparnasse, What Time Do You Call This?, Kindling, Lost Worker Bee, Teardrop, George Lassoes the Moon, Kisses