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Editors son un grupo de rock británico de la ciudad de Birmingham. El grupo está formado por Tom Smith (letras, piano, sintetizador, voz y guitarra), Chris Urbanowicz (Guitarra y sintetizador), Russ Leetch (bajo y sintetizador) y Ed Lay (batería). Y antes eran conocidos como Snowfield. Su primer single, "Bullets" logró un fuerte apoyo de estaciones de radio como Xfm y 6 Music. Su primer álbum "The Back Room" se lanzó el 25 de Julio del 2005 con un gran éxito de crítica y público e incluia Editors are a British indie rock/post-punk revival band from Birmingham, England, formed by Tom Smith (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Russell Leetch (bass) Ed Lay (drums) and Chris Urbanowicz (guitar) who met while studying at Staffordshire University, in Stafford, England, United Kingdom during 2002. After Chris' departure in 2012 , Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams joined the band for their live gigs and participated in the recording of the fourth album.

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Editors, Munich, An End Has A Start, All Sparks, Blood, Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors, Lights, Bullets, The Racing Rats, Fall, Fingers In The Factories, Camera, Bones, Papillon, Someone Says, The Weight Of The World, Open Your Arms, When Anger Shows, Push Your Head Towards The Air, Distance, Escape The Nest, Spiders, Well Worn Hand, In This Light and on This Evening, You Don't Know Love, Bricks and Mortar, Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool, The Boxer, The Big Exit, Like Treasure, A Ton of Love, Sugar, Walk the Fleet Road, No Sound but the Wind, The Weight, Honesty, You Are Fading, Formaldehyde, What Is This Thing Called Love, Nothing, Dust in the Sunlight, The Phone Book, Hyena, Two Hearted Spider, Bird of Prey, Ocean Of Night, No Harm, Colours, Crawl Down The Wall, Lullaby, Life Is A Fear, Release, Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home, Forgiveness, Forest Fire, Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors - Full, I Want a Forest, Salvation, All The Kings, A Life as a Ghost, Human, This House Is Full of Noise, An Eye For An Eye, Marching Orders, For the Money, The Picture, Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors (Edit), Our Love, Some Kind Of Spark, Come Share the View, A Thousand Pieces, The Law, At All Cost, Open Up, No Sound But The Wind - Soundtrack Album Version, Heads In Bags, The Diplomat, The Sting, Camera (Sebastian Remix), The Racing Rats - Edit, Time To Slow Down, Find Yourself A Safe Place, Orange Crush, French Disko, I Buried the Devil, Lights (Demo), Disappear, From the Outside, Blood (BBC Radio 1, Zane Lowe Session, 1-26-05), Alone, Camera (Obscured by J Spaceman), Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors (Acoustic), Papillon - Radio Mix, Get Low, Bullets (Single Version), No Sound But The Wind - Live At Rock Werchter 2010, Banging Heads, Comrade Spill My Blood, Feel Good Inc.