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The mysterious dvsn (pronounced "division") is a alternative R&B act based in Toronto, consisting of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85. OVO producer Nineteen85 brought dvsn into the limelight when he played "The Line" and "With Me" on the eighth OVO Sound Radio tracklist. The two singles were originally released on September 5, 2015 on their SoundCloud. They released their debut album SEPT. 5TH on April 1, 2016 via OVO Sound/Warner Bros. dvsn made their debut live performance

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DVSN, Hallucinations, Too Deep, With Me, Try / Effortless, Do It Well, The Line, In + Out, Angela, Another One, SEPT 5TH, Think About Me, Sept. 5th, One In A Million (dvsn remix), With Me (Clean), Godspeed (dvsn remix), Try/Effortless, Keep The Faith (Faithful Extended Remix), Let's Get It On (dvsn tribute), Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye Tribute), Let's Get It On (dvsn tribute), Dear Summer Sixteen, "Keep The Faith (Faithful extended remix)", Let's Get It On, With Me/Do It Well, Try Effortless, Angela (Sept. 5th), One in A Million (Remix), TRY/EFFORTLESS LYRICS, "Keep The Faith (Faithful extended remix, In Out, Keep The Faith, Spet. 5th, Godspeed (Remix), Dvsn Hallucinations, Lets Get It On (dvsn tribute), Hallucinations (Chopped Not Slopped), Too Deep (Chopped Not Slopped), With Me (Chopped Not Slopped), Do It Well (Chopped Not Slopped), Purple DVSN Intro (Chopped Not Slopped), The Line (Chopped Not Slopped), Angela (Chopped Not Slopped), Too Deep (DJ CV Mix), Hallucinations (CDQ), Another One (Chopped Not Slopped), Sept. 5 (Chopped Not Slopped), Try/ Effortless (Chopped Not Slopped), With Me [Explicit], In + Out (Chopped Not Slopped), Hallucinations - www.9xmaza.Com, Dvsn Try Effortless, One In A Million, Do It Well [Explicit], In Out, Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye Cover), With Me - www.9xmaza.Com, Do It Well - www.9xmaza.Com, Keep The Faith (Faithful remix), Think About Me (CDQ), Effortless, In + Out [Explicit], Sept 5th [Explicit], In Out, Let's Get It On (dvsn Remix), snow story, Too Deep - www.9xmaza.Com, SEPT 5TH - dvsn, Keep The Faith ("Faithful" Extended Remix), Try Effortless - www.9xmaza.Com, With Me (CDQ), Lets Get It On, Sept 5th - www.9xmaza.Com, In Out - www.9xmaza.Com, Let's Get It On (Remix), The Line Tracks, Try Effortless, One In A Million (Aaliyah Remix), Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye), Too Deep - dvsn, Hold On You’re Going With Me (feat. Drake & Majid Jordan) [85 Exclusive], Angela - www.9xmaza.Com, Keep The Faith (Faithful Extended Remix) (HQ), Hallucinations - Dvsn, Another One - www.9xmaza.Com, “Too Deep”, keep the faith (jrco gco remix), The Line - www.9xmaza.Com, Do It Well Lyrics, One In A Million (Aaliyah), Dear Summer Sixteen (Radio Rip), Metal gear, Try Effortless Lyrics, Sept. 5th (Full Album) (2016), Faithful (MJP+ Edit), Purple dvsn Intro, Try/ Effortless, Faithful, Try - Effortless