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DubVision, based in the Netherlands, is an upcoming producer/ dj duo. Providing dancefloors with energetic tunes, DubVision seems to be a big promise for the future. Dubvision consist of two Dutch brothers, Victor Volt and Stephen Noque. Their passion for music has led to great tracks, getting a lot of support at the moment. They are known for their uplifting melodies and big beats. With a style variating from progressive, tech-house to sweet house tunes, the duo covers a wide dance floor market.

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DubVision, All By Myself - Original Mix, I Found Your Heart - Vocal Radio Edit, Broken - Radio Edit, Rockin - Original Mix, Rifler - Original Mix, Turn It Around - Radio Edit, Hollow, Hollow - Original Mix, Backlash - Martin Garrix Radio Edit, Backlash - Martin Garrix Edit, Satellites, Million Miles, Destination, Sweet Harmony, Turn It Around - Original Mix, Redux - Original Mix, Primer, Backlash (Martin Garrix Edit), All By Myself (Original Mix), Under The Stars, Destination - Radio Edit, Magnum, All By Myself, Redux, All By Myself - Radio Edit, Vertigo - Radio Edit, The Arena - Radio Edit, Redux (Original Mix), Turn It Around (Original Mix), Rifler (Original Mix), Broken, Magnum - Mix Cut, Hollow (Original Mix), Turn It Around, Geht's Noch, Hollow - Radio Edit, Dirty Jersey, Tune It On - Original Mix, Broken (Original Mix), Turn It Around - Ultra 2015 Instrumental Edit, Rockin - Original Edit, All By Myself (David Jones Remix), All By Myself (Radio Edit), Heart (Original Mix), Belgrado, Rifler, Turn It Around (Radio Edit), Dubvision - David Jones Remix, Mainstage, The Arena - Club Radio Edit, Backlash (Martin Garrix Radio Edit), Rockin - Original Mix Edit, Res Cue Me, Redux - Original Edit, Sweet Harmony - Extended Mix, Broken - Original Mix, Backlash, I Found Your Heart, The Arena (Radio Edit), Rifler - Radio Edit, Destination - Original Mix, Heart, Broken (Radio Edit), Invincible, Sweet Harmony (Extended Mix), Primer - Mix Cut, Tune It On, All By Myself (Original Mix), Original Mix, All By Myself (Tujamo Remix), What's New, The Arena - Original Mix, Primer - Extended Mix, The Arena (Club Mix), Million Miles (feat. Denny White), Rockin, I Found Your Heart (feat. Emeni), The Arena - Club Mix, Turn It Around (Gioni Edit), Magnum (Radio Edit), Turn It Around (Ultra 2015 Instrumental Edit), Turn It Around (LVX x Instant Party! Remix), I Found Your Heart (Vocal Radio Edit), Whats New, Magnum (Extended Mix), Turn It Around (OUT NOW), Hollow (Nicky Romero, Hope to See You Soon, Destination - Original, Blackflash (Martin Garrix Edit), Heart - Vocal Radio Edit, Vertigo (feat. Ruby Prophet), The Arena, Magnum (Mix Cut), I Found Your Heart (Vocal Radio Edit) (feat. Emeni), Primer (Extended Mix), Magnum - Radio Edit, Digital Intercourse (Original Mix), Redux (Edit)