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Remaking a song from the hottest artist in the industry is a dicey proposition. For most emerging artists, it’s a bad move, one that keeps them on the musical periphery. For Dreezy, her rendition of Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb’s “ChiRaq” catapulted her to national prominence because of her fiery delivery, ferocious lyricism and magnetic microphone presence. “I’m a fan of Nikki Minaj and I like what she did on the original ‘Chiraq’ with Lil Herb,” Dreezy says of the 2014 cut.

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Dreezy, Body, Wasted, Close To You, Spazz, We Gon Ride, Body (feat. Jeremih), Worth It, Don't Know Me, We Gon Ride (feat. Gucci Mane), Drunk Jamal, Bad Bitch, Ready, See What You On, Close to You (feat. T-Pain), Serena, Nonstop, Break The News, Invincible, What’s Da Tea?, Afford My Love, Body feat. Jeremih, Money Printer, IS U DOWN 4 ME, Juice, Afford My Love (feat. Wale), Up & Down, Body Ft. Jeremih, Bad B*tch, From Now On, Heard It All, Schizophrenia, All The Time, Lonely, Aint For None (Feat. King Louie), Afn Remix, Mind Games, The Realist (feat. Ross Augusta), Close To You - Remix, Bad Habit, Zero, Truth Hurts, Zero Remix (feat. Sasha Go Hard & Katie Got Bandz), We Gon Ride Ft. Gucci Mane, Break A Band, Serena (feat. DeJ Loaf), Up And Down, The Realest, Dreamer 2, No Good (feat. Common), Serena Ft. Dej Loaf, The Realist ft Ross Augusta (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Heard It All (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Ain't For None, Aint For None ft King Louie (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), All The Time (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Mind Games (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Schizophrenia (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Swear to God (feat. Ross Augusta), Zero (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Lonely (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Bad Habit (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Break A Band (produced by HB On The Track), Zero Remix ft Sasha Go Hard Katie Got Bandz (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Dreamer Pt 2 (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Up And Down (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), Swear To God, That’s My Cousin, Dreamer, Pt. 2, Body (Ft. Jeremih), Aint For None Remix ft Lil Herb, KD Young Cocky, Z-Money (prod by D. Brooks Exclusive), Close To You (Remix) (Feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross), Truth Hurts ft KD Young Cocky (Prod. By D. Brooks Exclusive), Swear To God ft Ross Augusta (produced by D. Brooks Exclusive), We Gon Ride (Ft. Gucci Mane), Chiraq Remix, Da Guys (Sean Skit), Wake da Fuck up Intro, Close To You ft. T-Pain, Denial, Boss, Body featuring Jeremih, Chiraq, Say My Name, Ain't For None (Feat. King Louie), Versace Remix, Close to You (Ft. T-Pain), Afford My Love (Ft. Wale), Sean vs. Jamal, Wake da F*ck Up Intro, Zeros, Chiraq (Remix), I Love That Bitch, We Gon' Ride (Feat. Gucci Mane), The Real In Me, Dreamer Pt. 2, The Real In Me [Prod.D.Brooks Exclusive], Ain't For None (Feat.King Louie) [Prod.D.Brooks Exclusive], Say My Name [Prod.D.Brooks Exclusive]