Django Django

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Django Django es un cuarteto británico. [La banda está compuesta por David Maclean (baterista y productor), Neff, Vicente, (cantante y guitarrista), Jimmy Dixon, (bajista) y Tommy Gracia (operador de sintetizador). Django Django consists of vocalist and guitarist Vinny Neff, drummer Dave Maclean (a brother of Beta Band's keyboard player John Maclean), Jimmy Dixon on bass and Tommy Grace on keyboards. They met at Edinburgh College of Art but formed in Dalston, London in 2008. The band released their eponymous debut album in January 2012, combining 80s pop rhythms with 60s Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies, a style that some, rightly or wrongly, have labelled folktronica.

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Django Django, Default, Hail Bop, Life's a Beach, Storm, Waveforms, Firewater, Wor, Introduction, Hand of Man, Zumm Zumm, First Light, Love's Dart, Skies Over Cairo, Silver Rays, Shake And Tremble, Reflections, Giant, Found You, Pause Repeat, Beginning To Fade, Vibrations, Shot Down, High Moon, 4000 Years, Life We Know, Break The Glass, Default (Tom Furse Remix), Drumforms, Life's a Beach (10" edit), Waveforms - Mickey Moonlight Remix, Porpoise Song, Default - Dan Carey Dub Mix, Bail Hop - Django Django Bail Hop Edit, Shake & Tremble, Firewater - Nick McCarthy Drunk Remix, Default - A JD Twitch Optimo Remix, Skies Over Cairo - Bullion Version, Bail Hop, Life's a Beach (Priests of Sound remix by Steve Mason), Default - Walls Remix, Zumm Zumm - DJ Mujava's Pitori Remix, Hail Bop - Daniel Avery Remix, Love's Dart - Rude Pravo Version, Waveforms - Wild Geese Remix, Life's a Beach - Priests of Sound Remix by Steve Mason, WOR - Adrian Sherwood Hey Gringo Remix, Track by Track - Introduction, Life's a Beach (The Very Best remix), Storm - Andy Wake's Lunar Storm Version, Hand of Man - Gulp Version, Hail Bop - Jealov Remix, Silver Rays - Chris Carter Remix, Track by Track - Default, Hold the Line, Waveforms (Mickey Moonlight Remix), Slow West, Track by Track - Hail Bop, Track by Track - Firewater, Life's a Beach - 10" Edit, Hail Bop - Andy Blake Cave Paintings Rewire, Track by Track - Waveforms, Track by Track - Zumm Zumm, Hail Bop - Django Django Bail Hop edit, Firewater (Nick McCarthy Drunk Remix), Track by Track - Hand of Man, Hand Of Man (Gulp Version), Track by Track - Love's Dart, Skies Over Cairo (Bullion Version), Track by Track - WOR, Track by Track - Storm, Skies Over Cairo - Adrian Sherwood On U Sound Dub, Track by Track - Life's a Beach, Track by Track - Skies Over Cairo, Life's a Beach - The Very Best Remix, Track by Track - Silver Rays, Storm (Andy Wake's Lunar Storm Version), Hand of Man - Gu, Love's Dart (Rude Pravo Version), Zumm Zumm (Dj Mujava Pitori Remix), Silver Rays (Chris Carter Remix), Bail Hop (Django Django Bail Hop Edit), WOR (Adrian Sherwood Hey Gringo Remix), Default (Walls Remix), Hail Bop (Daniel Avery Remix), The Life We Know, Life's a Beach - Steve Mason Priests of Sound Remix, First Light (Mickey Pearce Remix), First Light (Ghost Culture Remix), The biggest musical obsessive?, First Light (Wrongtom Dub), Default (Album Version), Hail Bop (Jealov Remix), What have you been listening to?, Track by Track - Hail Bop, Hail Bop (Django's Hail Bop Edit), ZUMMZUMM, Default (Dan Carey Dub Mix), Default (Logo remix)