Dirty Pretty Things

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Dirty Pretty Things fue un grupo de garage rock liderado por Carl Barât. La formación del grupo se anunció en septiembre de 2005, después de que The Libertines se hubieran separado en 2004 por causa de altercados entre Carl Barât y Pete Doherty. Barât había hecho algunos trabajos con Vertigo Records y ya había revelado que su nuevo proyecto estaba con la discográfica. Didz Hammond anunció la salida de su anterior grupo The Cooper Temple Dirty Pretty Things were a band fronted by former member of The Libertines Carl Barât. The formation of the band was announced in September 2005, after The Libertines had split up in 2004 due to a falling out between Barât and Peter Doherty. Barât had done some work with Vertigo Records and had previously revealed that his new project was with the label. Didz Hammond announced he was leaving The Cooper Temple Clause to join the band alongside ex-Libertines drummer Gary Powell and guitarist Anthony Rossomando

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Dirty Pretty Things, Bang Bang You're Dead, Deadwood, You Fucking Love It, Blood Thirsty Bastards, Wondering, The Gentry Cove, Gin & Milk, If You Love a Woman, The Enemy, Last Of The Small Town Playboys, Doctors And Dealers, Tired Of England, Doctors & Dealers, Plastik Hearts, Come Closer, Hippy's Son, Kicks Or Consumption, Truth Begins, Best Face, Chinese Dogs, B.U.R.M.A., Buzzards & Crows, The North, B.U.R.M.A, Gin And Milk, Faultlines, Blood On My Shoes, If you were wondering, Wondering (Tavern Version), Gin & Milk (Acoustic), Bang Bang, You're Dead, Enemy, No Signal No Battery (demo), Radio Song, BURMA, Deadwood (live), Bang Bang You're Dead 1, One To My Left, Last of the Small Town Playboy, Gentry Cove (live), The Weekenders, Bang Bang You're Dead (Acoustic), Holly Golightly, Bang Bang You're Dead (Acoustic Version), Fault Lines, Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at Glasgow), Run Fat Boy Run, Bang Bang, Death on the Stairs, 9 Lives, Deadwood (Live in Coverntry), Panic Attack (Paddingtons, Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at Stoke), Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at Liverpool), Deadwood (Acoustic Recorded at Realworld), Wondering (live at Forum), Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at Leeds), Deadwood (Live in Brighton), Deadwood (Live in Liverpool), Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at Camden Crawl), Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at Sheffield), Radio Song (Exclusive Recording), Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at London), Deadwood (Live in Nottingham), Deadwood (Live in Southampton University), bang bang youre dead, Bang Bang You're Dead (Live at Portsmouth), Tired Of England (Radio Version), Blood On My Shoes - Hidden track, Pirates, Bang Bang Your Dead, Puffin On A Coffin Nail (Demo), France, Radio Song - Exclusive Recording, Tired Of England (Album Version), Plan A, Chinese Dogs (demo), Can't Stand Me Now (acoustic), Last Of The Small Time Playboys, Tired Of England - Radio Edit, Dead wood, Track 01 - Dirty Pretty Things - Deadwood, Track 03 - Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead, bang bang you`re dead, Deadwood - Acoustic Recorded at Realworld, Panic Attack, 06 Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead, Blood On My Shoes..., Track 02 - Dirty Pretty Things - Doctors And Dealers, Track 04 - Dirty Pretty Things - Blood Thirsty Bastards, Bang Bang You're Dead - Acoustic Version, Gin milk, Deadwood (Acoustic), Track 06 - Dirty Pretty Things - Gin & Milk, Puffin' On A Coffi Nail (Demo), Track 09 - Dirty Pretty Things - You Fucking Love It, Time For Heroes (acoustic), Time For Heroes