Dead Meadow

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Dead Meadow es una banda estadounidense de hard rock con tintes psicodélicos que se formó en Washington, DC en 1998. Actualmente integrado por el vocalista y guitarrista Jason Simon, el bajista Steve Kille y el baterista Stephen McCarty. Dead Meadow met in the DC punk/indie scene, though their music draws from more faraway sources. The band formed in the fall of 1998 from the ashes of local bands The Impossible Five and Colour, when singer-guitarist Jason Simon, bassist Steve Kille, and drummer Mark Laughlin set out to fuse their love of early 70's hard rock and 60's psychedelia with their love of writers J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft. Dead Meadow released their six-song debut in 2000 on Fugazi bassist Joe Lally's Tolotta Records, and a joint vinyl release on Washington D.

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Dead Meadow, Sleepy Silver Door, GreenSky GreenLake, What Needs Must Be, Indian Bones, Beyond the Fields We Know, Dragonfly, Lady, Rocky Mountain High, Dusty Nothing, Heaven, At Her Open Door, Such Hawks Such Hounds, At The Edge Of The Wood, Between Me And The Ground, Good Moanin', I'm Gone, Let's Jump In, Get Up On Down, Down Here, Drifting Down Streams, Untitled, The Whirlings, 'Till Kingdom Come, Everything's Going On, Seven Seers, Let It All Pass, The Great Deceiver, Babbling Flower, I Love You Too, Keep On Walking, The Queen Of All Returns, Stacy's Song, Me and the Devil Blues, The Breeze Always Blows, Hard People/Hard Times, Golden Cloud, The White Worm, Ain't Got Nothing (To Go Wrong), Jusiamere Farm, Either Way, Wayfarers All, The One I Don't Know, 1000 Dreams, Through the Gates of the Sleepy Silver Door, Shivering King, Six To Let The Light Shine Thru, One and Old, Raise the Sails, She's Mine, That Old Temple, The Narrows, To the One, Everything's Goin' On, I'm Cured, Eyeless Gaze All Eye/Don't Tell the Riverman, Rains in the Desert, Ain't Got Nothing To Go Wrong, Warble Womb I, One More Toll Taker, Push 'Em to the Crux, Burn the Here and Now, Mr. Chesty, All Torn Up, Darlin', In the Thicket, Copper is Restless ('til it turns to gold), September, Warble Womb II, This Song is Over, Yesterday's Blowin' Back, Between Me and the Ground (Live), Good Moanin' (Live), Silver Door, Let’s Jump In, At Her Open Door (Live), Through the Gales of the Sleepy, The Whirlings (Live), Everything’s Going On, The Boot, Seven Seers (Live), The Crystal Ship, Til Kingdom Come (Live), Lady (Live), Eyeless Gaze All Eye / Don't Tell The Riverman, Green Sky Green Lake, Queen of All Returns (Live), good moanin’, Stacy’s Song, Eyless Gaze All Eye/Don’t Tell the Riverman, Kingdom Of Heaven, [Bonus Track], Greensky Greenlake (live), Yesterday's Blowing Back, Beyond the Fields We Know (Live), Mr Chesty, Bonus Track, Everthing's Going On (Live), At The Edge Of The World