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DANGERDOOM is a musical collaboration between producer DJ Danger Mouse and rapper MF DOOM. Their first album, The Mouse and the Mask, was released in 2005, and followed by the Occult Hymn EP, available for free download from the Adult Swim website. The Mouse and the Mask was released on October 11, 2005 by Epitaph in the United States. It was also released by Lex Records in the United Kingdom on October 17, 2005, with different cover art. It was

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DANGERDOOM, Sofa King, El Chupa Nibre, Crosshairs, Mince Meat, Perfect Hair, Basket Case, Vats of Urine, Bada Bing, A.T.H.F., Space Ho's, No Names, The Mask (feat. Ghostface), Benzi Box, The Mask, Space Hoes, No Names (Black Debbie), A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Old School (Feat. Talib Kweli), Old School, Old School Rules, Benzi Box (Feat. Cee-Lo), Benzie Box, Benzie Box (feat. Cee-Lo), Old School Rules (Feat. Talib Kweli), No Names (Black Debbi), Korn Dogz, El Chupa Nibre (remix), Perfect Hair II, Space Ho's (Madlib Remix), Bizzy Box ft. Cee-Lo, Skit 1, Old School ft. Talib Kweli, Space Hos, Skit 2, The Mask ft. Ghostface, Sofa King Remix, Old School (ft. Talib Kweli), The Mask (ft. Ghostface), Benzie Box (ft. Cee-Lo), The Mask feat. Ghostface, The Mask (Feat. Ghostface Killah), Sofa King - Danger Mouse Remix, Old School feat. Talib Kweli, Benzi Box (feat. CeeLo Green), Bizzy Box (Feat. Cee-Lo), Benzi Box feat. Cee-Lo, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Old School Rules feat. Talib Kweli, Sofa King (feat. MF DOOM), Sofa King (Remix), Old School (Featuring Talib Kweli), Benzie Box feat. Cee-Lo, Space Ho's - Madlib Remix, The Mask (featuring Ghostface), Sofa King (Danger Mouse Remix), Mincemeat, Sofa King (Instrumental), The Mask feat. Ghostface Killah, Bizzy Box feat. Cee-Lo, No Names (feat. Money Mark), Mince Meat (instrumental), Sofa King (Album Version), Space Hoes (Album Version), Mince Meat (album version), Old School Rules (Album Version), Sofa King (Album), Crosshairs (Album Version), Benzi Box (Album Version), Basket Case (Album Version), Benzie Box ft. Cee-Lo, Vats Of Urine (Album Version), The Mask (Featuring Ghostface Killah) (Album Version), No Names (Black Debbie) (Album Version), Perfect Hair (Album Version), El Chupe Nibre (Album Version), Mince Meat (Album), A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) (Album Version), The Mask featuring Ghostface, Bada Bing (Album Version), Benzi Box featuring Cee-Lo, Space Ho's [Madlib Remix], Benzie Box (Featuring Cee-Lo), Old School featuring Talib Kweli, Bizzy Box (Featuring Cee-Lo), A.T.H.F, The Mask f. Ghostface, Benzi Box (ft Cee-Lo), Sofa King [Danger Mouse Remix], Sofa King (feat. Danger Mouse) - Danger Mouse Remix, The Mask (ft Ghostface), Bizzy Box, Space Ho's (feat. Madlib) - Madlib Remix, No Names (ft Black Debbie), Benzi Box (ft. Cee-Lo), Bizzy Box (ft. Cee-Lo), ATHF, Space Hos - Madlib Remix, Mincemeat (prod. by Danger Mouse)