Dada Life

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Destruir la música de baile para pasárselo bien. Esa es la máxima canalla del proyecto Dada Life formado por Stefan Engblom aka "Phatzoo" y "Phasio" y Olle Corneér aka "Dibaba". Sus trabajos han salido publicados en Pickadoll Records, Southern Fried Records, Alphabet City o Prestel. Sus tracks se han incluído en mixes y recopilatorios como Live Recorded At Extrema Outdoor 2006 de Dr. Lektroluv o las compilaciones del año 2007 de festivales como Dance Parade o Mayday. This is Dada Land. Get ready to arrive beautiful and leave ugly. There are no rules but the rules of Dada. Don't look back in the past. Always go forward. And whatever you do: don't trust us

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Dada Life, Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker - Radio Edit, So Young So High, White Noise / Red Meat (Radio Edit), Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker, Feed The Dada - Radio Edit, Happy Hands & Happy Feet, Fun Fun Fun, Happy Violence, Born To Rage - USA Version, Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker - Vocal Version, Feed the Dada, Big Time (Linus Loves Remix), Happy Violence (Vocal Mix), Rolling Stones T-Shirt, Cookies With A Smile - Radio Edit, Don't Feed the Dada, White Noise / Red Meat, Arrive Beautiful Leave Ugly, Bass Don't Cry, Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker - Otto Knows Remix, Let's Get Bleeped Tonight, You Will Do What We Will Do, Boing Clash Boom, One Smile, Love Vibrations, Everything Is Free, Unleash The F**king Dada, Rolling Stones T-Shirt - Radio Edit, Happy Violence (Vocal Extended Mix), Freaks Have More Fun - Radio Edit, ONE LAST NIGHT ON EARTH, Happy Violence - Vocal Radio Edit, This Machine Kills Ravers, We Do Have a Plan, Sweeter Than Fever (Style of Eye Remix), Big Time (Original Mix), No Need For Machines, One Last Night On Earth - Speaker of the House Remix, Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Radio Edit), Don't Snort The Yellow Snow, Happy Violence (Caveat Remix), Fight Club Is Closed (It's Time For Rock 'N' Roll) - Original Mix, Sweet Little Bleepteen, Cheap Thrills For A Lost Generation, This Machine Kills Breakfasts, Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker - Extended Vocal Mix, Cookies With a Smile, So You Wanna Be A Prankster, Happy Violence (Original Mix), We Set You Free, Kick Out the Epic Motherfu**er, Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Original Mix), Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction), Born To Rage - Radio Edit, Right There, Don't Stop, The Great Smorgasbord, Unleash the F**king Dada (Radio Edit), Cookies With A Smile (Avicii Remix), Unleash The F**king Dada - Radio Edit, Feed The Dada - Dyro Remix, Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (Original Mix), Boing Clash Boom - Bingo Players Remix Radio Edit, So Young So High (Dillon Francis Remix), Big Time (Remix), The Great Fashionista Swindle (Laidback luke Remix), Unleash The Fucking Dada, Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker, Born To Rage, Boing Clash Boom - Major Lazer Remix, White Noise / Red Meat (Bassjackers Remix), Sweeter Than Fever, Fight Club Is Closed (It's Time For Rock'n'Roll) - Original Mix, White Noise / Red Meat (Original Mix), Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Alex Gopher Remix), Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker - Datsik Remix, Kick Out the Epic Motherf**cker (Vocal Extended Mix), Sweeter Than Fever (David West & Ida Engberg Remix), So Young So High - Tiësto Remix, Happy Violence (Kaskade Remix), Don’t Stop, The Perfect Itch, Feed The Dada - Original, Perfect Itch, Feed the Dada (Original Mix), The Great Fashionista Swindle, Cookies With a Smile (Original Mix), Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Cazzette's Approaching Starry Homes Mix), Freaks Have More Fun, Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Cazzette Approaching Starry Homes Remix), Born To Rage - Sweden Version, Fun Fun Fun (Original Mix), Happy Violence (Instrumental), Boing Clash Boom (Major Lazer Remix), Feed The Dada - 2015 Remix, Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Chuckie Remix), Happy Violence - Radio Edit, Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker (Original Mix)