Company Flow

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Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, Bambaata, Marley Marl, Prince Paul, Roc Raida, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Parliament Funkadelic, The O'Jays, Cameo, Kraftwerk, Prince, The Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC, EPMD, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G., Indelible MC's... Éstas son las influencias de Mr. Len. DJ, productor y co-cerebro del fenómeno hip hop conocido como Company Flow. Company flow was a New York based hip hop group, consisted of El-P, Bigg Jus and DJ Mr. Len. Their 1997 debut album Funcrusher Plus is often cited as the catalyst for the new type of underground hip-hop scene that emerged in the late nineties. A Co Flow collaboration with Juggaknots and J-Treds appeared in 1998 under the name Indelible MC's and was featured on the Lyricist Lounge comp. The group disbanded in 2000 after Bigg Jus had left in 1999. As a duo, El-P and Mr.

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Company Flow, 8 Steps To Perfection, Bad Touch Example, Blind, Silence, Legends, Population Control, Lune TNS, Definitive, 89.9 Detrimental, Krazy Kings, Lencorcism, Last Good Sleep, Help Wanted, Tragedy Of War (In III Parts), Info Kill II, Funcrush Scratch, Vital Nerve, Linoleum, Suzy Pulled A Pistol On Henry, Comp, The Fire In Which You Burn, Blackout, Friend vs. Friend, Gigapet Epiphany, Bee Aware, Vital Nerve (feat. BMS), Workers Needed, No Lock, Patriotism, World Of Garbage, BMS Digital, Indelible Hybrid, Shadows Drown, Happy Happy Joy Kill, # Nine, Worker Ant Uprise, Collude / Intrude, Collude/Intrude, End To End Burners, Simple, Collude / Interude, Help Wanted [Interlude], Lencorcism [Interlude], Collude-Intrude (Feat. J-Treds), Collude / Interlude, The Fire in Which You Burn (Feat. J-Treds & The Brewin), Funcrush Scratch [Interlude], Simian D AKA Feeling Ignorant, DPA (As Seen On TV), The Fire In Which You Burn (Fe, Collude/Intrude (feat. J-Treds), The Fire In Which You Burn Featuring J-Treds, & The Brewin From The Juggaknots, Vital Nerve Ft. BMS, Collude-Intrude (Feat. J-Treds, Collude / Intrude ft. J-Treds, Tragedy Of War, Krazy Kings Too [Instrumental], Linda Tripp, Krazy Kings Too [Radio], Corners '94, DPA, The Fire In Which You Burn Ft, J-Treds & The Brewin, Wurker Ant Uprise, Nine, Infokill (Original), Population Control (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man), Vital Nerve feat. BMS, Weight, Infokill, End to End Burners (Street), Infokill (Instrumental), Collude Intrude, Infokill (Fuckin' Radio Edit), Freestyle, Help Wanted (Interlude), The Fire In Which You Burn (Feat. J-Treds & The Brewin From The Juggaknots), Population Control (Instrumental), kill em#F0C5, Vital Nerve (ft. BMS), Gigapet#F0B1, Def Jux#F0AF, Population Control (Fuckin' Ra, Lencorcism (Interlude), tragedy#F0B6, BladeRunners, silver #F0D1, Intro.aiff, Krazy Kings Too (radio), Collude / Interude Feat. J-Treds, Johnny #F0C9, Collude-Intrude (ft. J-Treds), The Fire In Which You Burn (ft. J-Treds & The Brewin), Collude / Intrude (w/ J-Treds), Shadowsdrown, People Are Shady, Kill Em All [Aesop Rock], Vital Nerve (feat BMS), collude-intrude