Charly Black

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Charly Black is one of the world most versatile MC/ selector. He joined The Bass Odyssey Entertainment in 2005 and now in 2007 proves to be one of the best in the business. Charly Black is also a new deejay/dancehall/reggae artist: look out for him a tear up the dancehall from every corner. His Dancehall/Soca single: buddy buddy buddy is already creating big waves in the dancehall arena.More detailed info on the next big thing in the dancehall/soca/reggae arena will be available soon on myspace!

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Charly Black, Gyal You A Party Animal, Gyal You A Party Animal - Remix, Whine & Kotch - Raw, Traitor Dem, Inna Di Car, Me Nuh Fraid, Mind So Free, Whine & Kotch - Radio, Rich This Year, Bubble, nuh new friend, So Mi Like It (Radio/clean Mix), Bubbling Party, Whine and Kotch, Welding (Wap Wap), So Mi Like It (Explicit/streets Mix), Girlfriend, Nuh Live No Where, Bike Back, Gold Medal, Bruk Out, Fall in Love Again, Jamaican Everyday, Whining Vixen, Too Blessed, Fiesta (Main Mix), Living, Love Me, Turn Me On, Gyal You a Party Animal (Club Edit), Sweetest F*ck - Raw, The Nicest - Street, The Nicest, Hoist & Wine, Claaaty Again, Wine Kotch, Wine and Kotch, Come fi di Backaz, WINE SO, Par With Girl, Momentum, Wine & Come Up, Unstoppable, Wet Up Wet Up (Raw Mix), Back Shot - Raw, Fiesta (Club Remix), She Loves Me Now - Raw, Charlie's Angel, FIESTA, Nuh Keep Funny Friend, Legalize It, Whine & Kotch, This Is My Day, Herbalist Holiday, I I I Love You, Lighter, Show Me Your Love, Gyal You A Party Animal - Jillionaire Remix, Gyal You a Party Animal (Instrumental), Party Animal (BrainDeaD Remix), She Loves Me Now, TURN ME ON - RADIO, Cool And Deadly Wine, We Nuh Beg Fren, Happiness, Party Animal, Walk & Live - Raw, Chat Too Much, Cleanliness, Dig Out Yo Pum Pum, Agony, Gyal You a Party Animal (Acapela), Gyal You a Party Animal (Remix) [feat. Daddy Yankee], Whine & Kotch Riddim - Instrumental, Loyalty, FIRST TIME - RAW, Sweetest Touch - Clean, Wet Up Wet Up (Radio Edit), I Am in Love with You, NONE A DEM, Get High, Now & Forever, Close Wine - Raw, Buddy Buddy, Love at First Sight, Cool & Deadly Wine, Big Bumpa (Walk Out & Squat), hot gal graduation, So Mi Like It - Explicit, Streets Mix, TURN GAL TURN, VIP Girl, Wine & Kotch, Tyad Fi See Me, Going to the Party (Album Version), Money Dreama, Informer, Attention Seeker, Bubble Again (Dat Mi Seh)