Charly Black

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Charly Black is one of the world most versatile MC/ selector. He joined The Bass Odyssey Entertainment in 2005 and now in 2007 proves to be one of the best in the business. Charly Black is also a new deejay/dancehall/reggae artist: look out for him a tear up the dancehall from every corner. His Dancehall/Soca single: buddy buddy buddy is already creating big waves in the dancehall arena.More detailed info on the next big thing in the dancehall/soca/reggae arena will be available soon on myspace!

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Charly Black, Gyal You A Party Animal, Gyal You A Party Animal - Remix, Whine & Kotch - Raw, Traitor Dem, Inna Di Car, Me Nuh Fraid, Mind So Free, Whine & Kotch - Radio, Rich This Year, Bubble, nuh new friend, So Mi Like It (Radio/clean Mix), Whine and Kotch, Bubbling Party, Bike Back, Welding (Wap Wap), So Mi Like It (Explicit/streets Mix), Girlfriend, Bruk Out, Nuh Live No Where, Gold Medal, Jamaican Everyday, Fall in Love Again, You're Perfect, Whining Vixen, Hoist & Wine, Too Blessed, Fiesta (Main Mix), Love Me, Living, The Nicest - Street, Sweetest F*ck - Raw, Turn Me On, Gyal You a Party Animal (Club Edit), The Nicest, Momentum, Wine Kotch, Come fi di Backaz, Wine and Kotch, Claaaty Again, Wet Up Wet Up (Raw Mix), Gyal You A Party Animal - DJ BrainDeaD Remix, WINE SO, Par With Girl, VIP Girl, NONE A DEM, Unstoppable, Wine & Come Up, She Loves Me Now - Raw, Gyal You A Party Animal - Jillionaire Remix, FIESTA, Gyal You a Party Animal (Remix) [feat. Daddy Yankee], Fiesta (Club Remix), Back Shot - Raw, Wet Up Wet Up (Radio Edit), Charlie's Angel, Nuh Keep Funny Friend, Legalize It, Attention Seeker, Whine & Kotch, This Is My Day, Herbalist Holiday, Show Me, I I I Love You, She Loves Me Now, Show Me Your Love, Party Animal (BrainDeaD Remix), Lighter, Walk & Live - Raw, TURN ME ON - RADIO, Happiness, Cool And Deadly Wine, Gyal You a Party Animal (Instrumental), We Nuh Beg Fren, Chat Too Much, Cleanliness, Party Animal, Agony, Dig Out Yo Pum Pum, Just Do It, Big Bumpa (Walk Out & Squat), Whine & Kotch Riddim - Instrumental, FIRST TIME - RAW, Going to the Party (Album Version), Loyalty, Sweetest Touch - Clean, The World Is Mine, Gyal You a Party Animal (Acapela), Wine & Kotch, Now & Forever, Get High, I Am in Love with You, Close Wine - Raw, Love at First Sight, Buddy Buddy, Gyal You A Party Animal (Remix), Tyad Fi See Me, So Mi Like It - Explicit, Streets Mix