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Hay varios artistas con este nombre. 1. Cassie (Cassandra Ventura) mezcla en sus genes origen filipino, mexicano y afro-americano nació el 26 de Agosto en New London (Connecticut) en 1986, en el seno de una familia muy relacionada con la música; de madre pianista y padre trompetista. Pero no fue la música su primera y clara vocación, ya que con tan sólo 14 años, Cassie comenzó a trabajar con la agencia de modelos Wilhemina de Nueva York, apareciendo There are two bands/artists with this name: 1. An American model, R&B singer, and occasional actress 2. A Finnish dream-pop/shoegaze/post-rock band : 1. Cassandra Ventura (born on August 26, 1986) is an American model, R&B singer, and occasional actress. She is best known for her single Me & U, which became a hit in the summer of 2006. Cassie was born in New London, Connecticut, United States and moved to New York City and continued modeling; she attended classes at the Broadway Dance Center.

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Cassie, Me & U, Long Way 2 Go, Kiss Me, Me & U (Main), Girl, Is It You, Me & You, Call U Out, Long Way 2 Go (Matteo Esse & Sant Club Mix), About Time, Me & U (remix), King of Hearts, Miss Your Touch, Long Way To Go, Long Way 2 Go (Instrumental), Just One Nite, Me And You, Not With You, Is It You?, Long Way 2 Go (Album Version), Ditto, Me And U, Is It You (Single Version), Cassie - Me & You, When Your Body Is Talking (Bonus Track) (Album Version), What Do U Want, Can't Do It Without You (Bonus Track) (Album Version), Me & U (Radio Edit), Long Way 2 Go (Acappella), Official Girl, Remember Darling, Can't Do It Without You, Hope You're Behaving (Interlude), Official Girl [Feat. Lil' Wayne], When Your Body Is Talking, Me & You (Remix) feat. Diddy & Yung Joc, Me & You (Roc & Soul Club Mix), Kiss Me (feat. Ryan Leslie), RockaByeBaby, All My Love, I Know What You Want, Thirsty, Cassie - Long Way to Go, Me & U - Main, Indo, Numb, Is It You - Single Version, Stamina, Me & U (Dr. Fresch's Let's Go Home Remix), Paradise ft. Wiz Khalifa, Paradise, Me&U, Long Way To Go (prod by Ryan Leslie 2oo6), Hope You're Behaving [Interlude], Me & U (VILLΛGE Bootleg Remix), Red, Paradise (feat. Wiz Khalifa), Numb (feat. Rick Ross), Turn the Lights Off, Tin Cans And String, Skydiver, Let's Get Crazy, Me And You (remix), Numb ft. Rick Ross, Don't Go Too Slow, Sometimes, Must Be Love, Let's Get Crazy [Feat. Akon], Sound of Love, Any Port in the Storm, Me and You ( Phazz Remix ), My House, Paradise ft. Wiz Khalifa (DatPiff Exclusive), Hope You're Behaving, Just Friends (2005), Numb ft. Rick Ross (DatPiff Exclusive), Addiction (feat. French Montana), In Love With U, Sound of Love ft. Jeremih, Take Care of Me Baby (feat. Pusha T), Take Care of Me Baby ft. Pusha T (DatPiff Exclusive), Me & you (Remix), Let's Get Crazy (feat. Akon), Sound of Love (feat. Jeremih), Addiction ft. French Montana (DatPiff Exclusive), Activate, Must Be Love (feat. Diddy), Can You Feel Me, In Love With the DJ, Just Friends, Sound of Love ft. Jeremih (DatPiff Exclusive), Numb - Remix, Official Girl (feat. Lil Wayne), Take Care of Me Baby, I Love It ft. Fabolous (DatPiff Exclusive), I Love It (feat. Fabolous), Addiction ft. French Montana, Take Care of Me Baby ft. Pusha T