Cannibal Ox

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Cannibal Ox (o CanOx) es un dúo de hip hop abstracto de Harlem, Nueva York. Sus miembros son Vast Aire y Vordul Mega (también conocido como Vordul Megallah). Por lo general son acompañados por el DJ Cip-One. El nombre deriva del término CANNIBAL (caníbal, que come su propia especie), y OX (en el argot de la calle, una cuchilla de afeitar) OX también puede ser una abreviación de Cypher desconocido). Como tal, su nombre apunta hacia la metáfora de cortar y devorar a los otros raperos. Cannibal Ox is a New York hip-hop duo made up of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega, with El-P, the founder of the Definitive Jux label, handling the lion's share of production. Their first record,The Cold Vein, has been heralded as a major turning point in both hip-hop production and lyrical organization. Several notable guests appear on the album, including C-Rayz Walz, L.I.F.E. Long, Alaska (of Hangar 18), Cryptic One and El-P himself, while Vordul's baritone and Vast's nasal-y styles connect the eclectic project together.

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Cannibal Ox, Iron Galaxy, Raspberry Fields, The F-Word, Straight Off the D.I.C., Ox Out the Cage, Stress Rap, Vein, Real Earth, A B-Boys Alpha, Pigeon, Painkillers, Atom, Scream Phoenix, A B-Boy's Alpha, Battle for Asgard, Ridiculoid, Psalm 82, Ridiculoid (feat. El-P), Cipher Unknown (Intro), Gotham (Ox City), Metal Gear, Blade: The Art of Ox, Water, Harlem Knights, The Horizon (Interlude), The Fire Rises, The F Word (Remix Dirty), Battle for Asgard (feat. L.I.F.E. Long and C-Rayz Walz), Salvation, Ridiculoid (with El-P), Atom (feat Alaska and Cryptic of Atoms), Opposite of Desolate (feat. Double a.B.), Ridiculoid ft. El-P, Invisible Streets Be Testin You (Instrumental), Battle for Asgard ft. Life & C Rayz Walz, F-Word (RJD2 Remix), Straight Off the DIC, the f word, Straight Off The D.I.C, ATOM (with Alaska and Cryptic of Atoms), Opposite of Desolate, Iron Rose (feat. MF Doom), Solar System (Cosmos) (Skit), The Power Cosmiq, Blade: The Art of Ox (Feat. Artifacts & U-God), The F Word (Remix Instrumental), Ridiculoid feat. EL-P, The Power Cosmiq (feat. Kenyattah Black), Thunder In July (feat. Space, Swave Sevah & Elohem Star), The F Word (RJD2 remix), Life's Ill (Instrumental), Handle That, Carnivorous (feat. Elzhi & Bill Cosmiq), Atom (feat. Alaska [of Atoms Family] & Cryptic [of Atoms Family]), Thunder in July, Iron Rose, Carnivorous, Battle for Asgard (feat. L.I.F.E. Long & C-Rayz Walz), Sabertooth (feat. Irealz & Bill Cosmiq), Gases in Hell (Inhale), Invisible Streets Be Testin You (Main Version), The F Word - Remix - Instrumental, cosmos (instrumental), Atom feat. Alaska and Cryptic of Atoms, Invisible Streets Be Testin You (Clean Version), The F Word - Original - Clean, The F Word - Remix - Dirty, Life's Ill - Dirty, The F Word - Remix - Clean, The F Word - Original - Instrumental, Sabertooth, Iron Galaxy (Instrumental), Battle For Asgard (with L.I.F.E. Long & C-Rayz Walz Of Stronghold), Cosmos (Main Version), cosmos (clean version), 03 - atom [feat. Cryptic and Alaska], The F Word - Original - Dirty, Vision, 06 - Straight off the D.I.C., 07 - vein, Battle for Asgard feat. L.I.F.E. Long and C-Rayz Walz of Stronghold, Live from the Planet of Eat, Vision (feat. The Quantum), Speakeroxxx_The_Ox_Below, Swing Blades, Solar System (Cosmos), Ox Out The Cage (Instrumental), Atom (feat. Alaska & Cryptic One), 10 - battle for asgard [feat. L.I.F.E. and C Rayz Walz], Atom (feat. Alaska and Cryptic of Atoms), 14 - Pigeon, Atom (Instrumental), Atom [feat. Cryptic and Alaska], 12 - ridiculoid [feat. El-P], 15 - scream phoenix, A B-Boy's Alpha (Instrumental), Cosmos (Produced by BT, Cuts by Rob Swift), Pidgeon